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In this technological world of crypto-currency and Blockchain technology, a very few platforms and companies are contributing to the crypto idea, which is massively changing the world into a new horizon.

But Masternet is an exception. This multi-system interconnected platform is passionately working with several Blockchain projects to serve the community to their best of knowledge and understanding. We cater the future needs of nearly all the financial transactions through crypto-currency and help the community to grasp its phenomenon, take the full advantage of this technology and play their part as well in the new world of crypto-currency.

How The Team Does This?

For the purpose of building a strong community, the team have initiated an effective program called as Smart Stacking Program to provoke aspiring participants into joining our community. After connecting to Masternet, they will be registered as MASH holders in the system.

MASH token is basically an application of Blockchain technology which the team rewards to the participating members. They can use it for making payments, transferring money, doing shopping and trading crypto-currencies. This program doesn’t only benefit us but also our community members who can obtain incentives and bonuses through the various project activities and operations.

Why The Team Created MASH?

When the whole team was novice to this crypto-arena in the beginning, there were no any Blockchain project working in this field. To fill the void, the team established an incentive program ‘Smart Staking" for early-adopters to support their needs. Masternet aspire to encourage more and more people to come to the channel, integrate with the community and get rewards according to their selected MASH package.

Through Masternet community, they can build numerous networks, relationships and connections with the people of similar interests.

When number of participants will utilize MASH, and buy and sell or hold it at different occasions, its growth will be increased, hence stabilizing and strengthening our token among other Blockchain applications.

How You Can Use MASH?

At first, you need to choose your desired package offered by Masternet. Then, you are required to lock your MASH tokens with the time and number which is based on your chosen package. Consequently, you will be rewarded with your financial compensation or bonus which is obtained from our reserve fund.

Now you may ponder over how ‘Masternet’ get this revenue?

When Masternet community reach a wider community, the team acquire revenues from various project developments and activities like through the marketing and advertising products, crypto-currency conversion fee, products listing fee and custody service fee. Moreover, Masternet gain revenues from the partners that is further distributed to the MASH holders on the monthly basis.

The larger our community becomes, the greater the benefits and revenues will be rewarded to the participants or contributors.

Thus, Masternet aspire to grow the community, increase participating members, multiply the affiliate programs and integrate with many Blockchain projects. The affiliated programs will be supported by reserve fund which is itself progressing rapidly.

Collaborate With Masternet

Masternet aims to build a healthy, smart and successful society where all the aspirants of Blockchain technology work together, integrate with each other and go with the current flow of this new trend of crypto-currency.

It is the fierce demand of all the financial and IT institutions to embrace this new change, contribute to it and work together so we can be well-prepared before this world becomes a global society where only crypto technology works and be accepted.

Collaborating with Masternet will certainly enable you to acquire aforementioned advantages and privileges of crypto world that only foresighted people can get. You will be able to connect with other Blockchain project developments which are rising each day.

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