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Imagine a self-regulating, worldwide, distributed digital system, engineered to operate beyond the management or control of any human, corporation, or government. No police officer can arrest it. No spy organization can find it. No army can kill it. No human can stop it. Sounds a lot like Skynet from the Terminator movies, doesn't it? But I will tell you a very different SKYNET project today. In this article, we review the project Skynet, which is prepared to move blockchain, distributed records and IOT technologies one step further.

A concept that we hear often nowadays and we will hear more and more in the future: Internet of Objects (IOT). This concept, first used in 1999 by Kevin Ashton for a company presentation, has evolved into a wider vision than ever before with the emerging technology.

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Internet of Objects is a device system that communicates with each other and establishes an intelligent network by sharing information by means of various communication protocols. When objects refer to the Internet, it is wrong to only understand that devices are connected to the Internet. The concept of RFID-like sensors and the fact that the identifiers generate information with some devices are also within this concept.

When equipped with objects, sensors and electronic circuits, they gain the ability to communicate with people and update status information. With the development of mobile networks and the Internet, it became easy for people to communicate with these objects and people had the chance to observe and control them from anywhere, at any time.

According to the researches, it is estimated that 10-11 billion devices are connected to the internet today and it is predicted that this figure will reach to 50 billion devices by the year 2020. It is also estimated that in 2020, the information traffic to be generated by 20 typical household appliances will be more than all internet traffic generated in 2008.

"IOT-Internet of Objects" market worth $ 7.1 trillion, "Blockchain Market" of $ 10 trillion and "AI-Artificial Intelligence Market" of $ 15.7 trillion are cornerstones that will shape our future. So doctors with artificial intelligence, autonomous devices, IoT-based machines and applications that make our lives more prosperous are not far away.

But it is very important that we can build an industry that will improve the quality of our life by only adapting artificial intelligence, blockchain and IOT technologies in harmony. How will this harmony be achieved?

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With its current structure, BlockChain needs serious performance improvements, despite all its benefits. In particular, billions of data transferred by IoT devices running on the network can not be processed.

Networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have more history on the Blockchain network, continue to work with the Proof of Work system, which is supported by millions of computers operating on the same chain. Particularly, fewer transactions can be done at the same time as existing infrastructure and high transfer costs are serious disadvantage.
So the main problem is that the current blockchain network is not in a capacity to organize IOT interactions. Also, existing processor hardware is not in a structure to provide network interaction.

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Skynet is the platform to produce the IoT Blockchain Network with the world's first blockchain chip and high scalability feature and to organize the data obtained from these on its own network.

Basically Skynet will use the blockchain chip, which has billions of free licenses it produces, on devices worldwide. This will connect the devices to their own blockchain network. Thus, the billions of interactions generated by the installed end-to-end system and the Skynet Core processors will be collected on the Skynet Network.

The Skynet project is supported by the Singapore-based OpenSingularity Foundation, which is not profit-oriented and conducts scientific research on the "Smart Machinery Economy." The foundation's vision is to create a model in which devices can learn, transfer knowledge and communicate with others without human intervention and control. They are aiming to be the first blockchain core processor and network to serve it.

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1. Skynet Core

At the heart of Skynet is Skynet Core, a purpose-built chip that implements a system-on-a-chip (SoC) The chip uses a 32-bit or 64-bit RISC-V core, depending on the version chosen and contains patent-pending technology to provide the following blockchain specific components:

• Hardware cryptocurrency wallet
• Hash Acceleration
• Automated Transaction Signing

Thus, the Skynet Core blockchain hardware will enable the devices to support unstructured information processing, IOT, application development, and blockchain network availability. With both hardware and network support, billions of Skynet Core IOT devices can be installed and connected to the Skynet Network.

skynet open network.png

2. Skynet Open Network (SON)

Using a blockchain layer for IoT device interaction has several advantages. First of all, devices are always clearly identified and the integrity of the data they interchange can always be verified. In addition, devices can build a reputation based on past transactions. Devices may distribute loads and share data and use M2M micro-payments to be rewarded for their services.

To facilitate this global blockchain-backed network of connected devices, Skynet provides a highly scalable blockchain network called the Skynet Open Network (SON). SON implements a multi-chain approach, which combines multiple blockchains integrated via a root blockchain.

3. SON Fabric

The SON Fabric will serve as a kind of root chain of the Skynet Open Network and serve as a bridge between the block chains to be created on the platform. Countless IoT chains can be created independently on the SON Fabric. Bitcoin and Ethereum-like chains can be installed with the software kit.

There will be two different token models on the platform. The Skynet Token token will be used primarily to determine whether to vote, approve, and verify on the Skynet Open Network and SON Fabric. Light Tokens will be used to pay transfer fees and block rewards. So in summary Skynet token's aim is to win Light token.

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When all the devices in a city are supported by Skynet Core, they can communicate with each other by connecting to the Skynet Network with different subchannels, and the information can be evaluated on the same network.

 Smartphones will turn into a blockchain phone by connecting Skynet Core, and thanks to the integrated wallet, this phone will store crypto money and confirm transfers.
 By integrating artificial intelligence-based crypto-wallets into wearable devices, it will enable autonomous authentication and secure signing of transfers.
 Secure IP cameras can detect abnormal conditions and alert all devices and systems on the blockchain.
 Robots can develop themselves by learning from other robots connected to the same network.
 Vehicles with Skynet Core support will pay for charging and parking, and will also generate revenue for the information they share.

skynet token.png


A total of 1,000,000,000,000 SON Tokens are available. 1 SON token will be sold as $ 0,00035. Softcap for $ 3 million and hardcap for $ 38 million. Here you can find the dates to be set for token sales in the ICO process. The countdown for pre-sale is ongoing.

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The project team is based at the OpenSingularity Foundation and consists of experts working at big institutions such as the University of California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Colombia in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain and IOT technologies. In other words, it is a project which is definitely going to take place in the technological and scientific sense. You can already see the traces of this career on each line of the whitepaper.

skynet team.png


The future of an intelligent network of machines might not look like in The Terminator but has never been closer to being accomplished. The SKYNET project is proceeding with sure steps towards achieving this. Finally, on the 16th July, the Skynet Open Network announced that the Samsung board of directors has joined the blockchain assisted neutral network. This news takes the already prominent roster of people associated with the company to new levels.

If you want to take part in this project that will build the future, do not be late! Please visit the links below.

Important reminder: This is a review based on platform / project related sources, not investment advice.

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Skyware has a neuro-processing series that blocks the Skynet core, to solve cryptrocrycency and hardware intelligence.

It can make a revolution in the market.

I think the most crucial point of the project is just that the platform to produce the IoT Blockchain Network with the world's first blockchain chip and high scalability feature and to organize the data obtained from these on its own network.

In my opinion, this is a revolution that all the devices in a city can communicate with each other by connecting to the Skynet Network

One of the projects I've heard often in recent times. It seems to be successful at ICO. Thanks for this beautiful post

I believe that it would be good to invest your money properly and make profit on this project. a really great project

This project has very safe and transparent platform and very good utility system. Thank you very much for your this very informative work and this project has a brilliant future..

I found it very successful when I did my research on the project. He will surely see the value he deserves

I advise everyone. A good team, tough goals for the future, responsible attitude to their project, all this shows how reliable and promising this company is. I think it's worth to join.

skynet is the name of technology that we first saw it in Terminator. so can we say about this start-up "rise of the machines?"

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