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What is
Please watch time Money introducing video

Time Money will be first decentralized platform for people to meet, provide different services, coaching, consultation or any other help, which is time or task based.

Unique per minute calculation system and Blockchain technology makes platform to be secure and transparent. We will ensure that these meetings between users are mutually beneficiary, great quality and rewarded.

All transactions between users will be documented in Smart contract-based payment gateway, which will be recorded in Blockchain, which currently is most secure system and open to the world.

Time Money platform launch is planned for 2019 in Florida, USA and later that year we expect to expand to other states in US. Our goal is to scale Time Money reach worldwide with local marketing teams in following years. We expect to become profitable by third year.

Main revenue will come from platform fee per transaction, which will be 10%, which is less than Uber or other on-demand economy platforms charge.

Why time Money blockchain?
Using the power of blockchain technology and Smart contracts, Time Money platform will be able to give users transparency on every transaction without relying on a third party like banks or financial institutions.

Security: Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making hacking near impossible. All of the solidity Ethereum smart contract code used for the token sale and vault account was fully audited by Smart Dec, a firm specialized in Smart Contract Security Audit.

Decentralized: No single authority has control, the network cannot be distorted or manipulated by a single controlling authority.

Privacy: People will be enable people to interact directly and create secure transaction with guarantied privacy and security.

Progressively shift from a centralized architecture to a decentralized network built on Ethereum Network

Token information

Token symbol : TMONEY
PreICO Price 1 TMONEY = 0.00045 ETH
Price 1 TMONEY = 0.00074 ETH
Bonus are Available
Platform : $Ethereum
Accepting $BTC, $ETH, $LTC
Minimum investment 12 USD
Soft cap 2,400,000 USD
Hard cap 14,400,000 USD
Country : based in Latvia
Restricted areas USA, North Korea


2019: After successful launch in Florida (critical user base and critical requests), we will add each 2 weeks new state and create promo campaigns there, so by end of 2019 we plan to cover whole USA. For this task we will hire US marketing agency with proven track record.

2020: Plan to launch Time Money platform in European Union. Due to separate country regulations, we expect EU launch to be more complicated than US launch, so we will focus on each country with monthly campaigns. Local marketing agencies for countries will be hired.

2021: Plan is to launch in Russia and Asia, we will seek local CEO or possibility to corporate with existing platforms there to do successful integration in markets there.

2022: Plan is to completely replace all time calculated jobs with integrating them in our platform as more convenient solution.

2023: Plan is to connect at least 25% of world workforce on our platform and distribute FREE mobile devices in development countries where poverty is very big issue and our platform as standard working tool for their economy.

2024: Plan is to connect at least 50% of world workforce on our platform and integrate as well all task based jobs, services in decentralized united world economy.

2025: Plan is to make Time Money worldwide recognized platform for transparent decentralized job, meeting, task and service system.

Time Money platform will easily integrate crypto currency in daily people life.

5 billion people don’t have bank accounts and can’t be managed via classical fiat systems, which provide Time Money possibility to grow, as these populations are connected to internet.

Blockchain is growing in popularity- each year there are new blockchain users and Time Money platform will make it easier to convert any other fiat currency in TMONEY tokens by using Coinbase API.

Tmoney chose Coinbase, as it is very stable and well recognized Exchange Company.

TMONEY will have considerable advantage over other ERC20 tokens, as most of them are not easily convertible to fiat currencies, which are used by most population.

TMONEY token will positively correlate with the number of transactions realized through the payment-processing platform.

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It's very great project to increase your investment value. Very great team experience, business plan are clear and safest for investor to take their investment funds. Let's to the moon with tmoney #bestico2018

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