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Dealjoy is a global cashback platform on the blockchain.

Take a look for introduce video features

Anonymous Payments
All Deal­joy cash­backs are paid out an­onym­ously in ERC-20 com­pat­ible DEAL tokens.

No Personal Details
Thanks to the block­chain-based eco­sys­tem, no identi­fy­ing per­son­al in­form­a­tion is re­quired of our mem­bers.

No Data Selling
Your shop­ping habits aren't any­one else's busi­ness, and we will keep it like that.

Token value strategy from

Token Buyback almost +80% OF REVENUE
Used to buy DEAL tokens from ex­­changes, to be paid out as cash­back com­mis­sions.

Token Burn allocated 1% OF REVENUE
Used to burn tokens per­­ma­n­ent­ly, thus re­du­­cing the total sup­­ply of DEAL.

Token Staking
Predicted for 2019 +10% OF TOKENS
Locked up by Deal­joy Plus mem­­ber­s, de­creas­ing the cir­cu­­lat­ing sup­ply.

The value strategy token from dealjoy allows prices to tend to increase every period. This is a good opportunity for investors to get multiple folds.

Dealjoy operates between Customers, Merchants and Exchanges

Take a look at White­pa­per to learn more about the Deal­joy plat­form, our Team, and the up­com­ing Token Sale.

Token symbol : DEAL
Max total supply : 1.400.000.000 DEAL
Token standard: ERC20
Initial rate 1 ETH = 40.000 DEAL
Tokens for sale 980.000.000 DEAL (70%)
Soft Cap : US$1.700.000,00
Hard Cap : US$8.400.000,00

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Dealjoy is a privacy-focused global cashback platform designed to connect online shoppers with their favorite merchants to provide instant crypto cashbacks.

A very good strategy carried out from the Dealjoy team, this really allows investors to make a profit in a very safe way. I advise you to invest in the Dealjoy project. And make sure the new lambo is parked on your home page From the results of the investment to

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