Yarloo - a lottery platform full of products using NFT and DeFi technology and own RST

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Yarloo is implementing an innovative approach to the lottery gambling system that will rebalance the odds of winning.

Yarloo innovations will revolutionize the lottery system around the world, make them more interesting and significantly increase the chance of winning, as well as make more flexible jackpot pools, integrate sets of NFT cards. Adding exciting games, bonuses for those who do not want to make big bets, providing cryptofying that system will significantly change the approach to lotteries and allow people to have fun.

Yarloo includes a variety of financially beneficial activities:

  • Solo Lottery Jackpots
  • Team Lottery Jackpots
  • Fortune Spinners
  • NFT Trading Center
  • Yarloo Wallet (for staking and exchanging our tokens)
  • Arcade Games
  • DeFi Lending & Borrowing System


Yarloo RST Ecosystem

RST - Revenue Sharing Token is an innovative approach that Yarloo is the first to integrate into its project.

It works according to the following scheme. For example, Yarloo has an income of $ 1,000,000 per month, of which 70% is kept for Yarloo, and 30% for the RST ecosystem.

30% of Revenue Distribution:

  • Seed & IDO Investors: 30%
  • Holders: 25%
  • Buyback: 20%
  • LP Providers: 15%
  • Wheel of Fortune / Rewards Pool: 10%


Yarloo allows you to earn money without even participating in the lottery, but simply holding YARL, and due to the distribution of RST, the high price of the YARL token will be maintained.

Risk Free Profits

Yarloo allows you to create lottery pools that are structured as follows:

Yarloo takes 5% of the commission from the main prize from each pool upon winning, and 95% goes to the user. This only applies to official Yarloo pools.
Users can create their own pools and accordingly configure them as they want, for example, setting the duration for the pool, limiting the number of users, funding the floor.
Creating your own pool is free of charge, you only need to pay for the transaction when it is created, and since the Yarloo platform uses Binance Smart Chain, it is very cheap.

Cards System

The Yarloo card system includes 5 types of cards:


These cards will have their own functions and values and will give additional tickets and the number of tickets will depend on the rarity of the card. And when combining some types, you can additionally pull big bonuses.

Individual cards or complete sets can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Marketplace
  • Fortune Spinner
  • Staking Rewards
  • Airdrops for holders of large amount


Q3 2021:

  • Funding Rounds Conclusion
  • 3-5 Card Sets Launch
  • Wallet Alpha
  • Marketplace Alpha

Q4 2021:

  • Wheel of Fortune Release
  • Lottery Platform Launch
  • Bridging $YARL to new networks
  • First CEX listing
  • 5-8 New Card Sets
  • Fusion System Testing
  • Governance features for $YARL holders
  • Updated Lightpaper

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