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Tune.FM is a revolutionary music platform that, when created, will solve many problems that arise in this area. For artists, it will be possible to conclude a hybrid music license which will include publishing rights and master rights. Such a license will give many advantages for both the artist and the platform, and it is the ability to broadcast, sell, publish music and accept payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency. Artists who already have agreements will also be able to interact with Tune.FM through a unique license that does not in any way limit their capabilities.

The non-exclusive hybrid license includes:

  • Performance license
  • Mechanical license
  • Synchronization license
  • Download license
  • Streaming license

They all come together in one versatile global license that works for all artists promoting and monetizing their music on the Tune.FM platform.

One of the problems of music platforms for users is the high commissions for small transactions in fiat, which is very important as it makes micropayments problematic.

Hedera Hashgraph can solve this problem as it offers many technological solutions. Hedera Hashgraph is a platform that can support the future development of Web 3.0 and drive the development of a new level of decentralized applications. This will bring scalability to a large number of users and it will provide an incredible high number of transactions per second.


Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph will allow Tune.FM to create new opportunities for the active growth of artists and, accordingly, the growth of the market for both performers and fans. Based on the Hedera Hashgraph, the JAM token will lead to solving problems with fiat currency and blockchain technology for music micropayments.

Hedera Hashgraph JAM token will provide:

  • hundreds of thousands of Tx/s per shard
  • low fees
  • low latency
  • bank-grade secure consensus protocol

This will provide support for millions of users of the music platform at the same time.

JAM Token


JAM is a utility token on the Tune.FM platform that will allow creators and curators to reward artists and fans with micropayments for streaming and reviewing. Artists will be able to monetize their music around the world.

JAM Token will provide a convenient and secure payment mode between members of the Tune.FM platform based on blockchain technology. JAM Token will encourage users to contribute to the development of the platform, as in this case they will receive rewards in the form of JAM tokens.

The JAM token will provide a functioning global music ecosystem where artists can get paid to listen to their music, and fans can earn by listening to tracks promoted by artists and labels.



Tune.fm platform features

  • Artist & fan rewards
  • Global micropayments
  • Lightning fast
  • Bank grade security
  • Music discovery platform
  • Democratizing music distribution

Music social network

In addition to its direct purpose as a music platform, Tune.FM has a social network function where artists and fans will interact by exchanging messages directly.





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