Quarashi Network - the First Decentralized all in one Cryptocurrency Platform

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Quarashi Network is a unique cryptocurrency project that, with many functions and tools, will greatly facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies for users and contribute to their adoption. Quarashi is a platform for everyday use by both beginners and professionals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
Quarashi includes six cryptocurrency modules combined into one mobile application that complement each other in a quality manner, namely:

  • Multi Cryptocurrency Non-Custodial Wallet,
  • Decentralized Exchange,
  • Private Chat,
  • VPN and Browser,
  • IDO Launchpad,
  • Airdrop & News & Top ICO.

Quarashi Network will cater to the needs of both investors and ordinary cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Quarashi Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet


Quarashi cryptocurrency wallet will allow users to safely manage, send and receive, exchange cryptocurrency, with a convenient and functional application interface.
The wallet module will provide very demanded and useful functions in the modern cryptocurrency market:

  • Support for over 9000 cryptocurrencies
  • ETH and BSC Networks Bridge
  • Custom Token for ETH Network
  • Support for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Network
  • Support for Avalanche and Polygon
  • Multiple Wallet in Quarashi
  • QUA Bridge in Quarashi Wallet
  • Buy cryptocurrency with FIAT

Quarashi Network Ecosystem


Quarashi Exchange Module

The Exchange Module will provide basic functions for users of the Quarashi wallet and will allow them to execute transactions through smart contracts. Liquidity will be provided through partners who unite decentralized protocols and will allow users to benefit from optimal deals across different chains.

Quarashi Chat module

Quarashi Chat will provide a secure and anonymous communication environment for users. The Chat Module does not store or collect any user data such as email address, mobile phone number, contacts, and all messages between users are encrypted.
This will allow any user to feel safe as it is very important in the modern world.

Quarashi VPN and Browser Module

Ensuring digital privacy is very important in today's world, especially when it comes to finance. VPN and Browser Module will ensure the safety and protection of cryptocurrency transactions from scammers and phishing. These features will be active all the time, unless the user turns them off, creating a barrier against malware.
The built-in browser will provide the user with anonymity and privacy on the Internet and will not collect any information such as browsing history or user behavior.
For Quarashi Network users, the browser will be absolutely free, and the VPN will be available by subscription and payment will be in the Quarashi token.


Quarashi IDO Launchpad Module

For investors, IDO provides protection for their investments, and for creators, raising funds. To participate in IDO on the Quarashi Network platform, you must have 3000 QUA in the wallet module.
Quarashi Network will create a competitive environment and create its own community and market for the IDO Launchpad Module, which will provide sufficient information about new projects and ensure that investors are protected from risks.

Quarashi Partnership


Thus, Quarashi Network is a very functional product that includes a variety of cryptocurrency tools necessary for everyone who comes to the world of cryptocurrencies, be it an investor who wants to make money or a crypto user who needs convenience and the availability of the necessary functions in one place.
At the same time, the project is actively developing and introducing new ideas into the platform in order to be technologically advanced and competitive in the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market.
The ideas that are already embedded in the Quarashi Network contribute to its active growth and attracting a large number of users, and this is only the beginning of the path.

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