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NetVRk aims to create a virtual reality platform for its users so that they can get a very vivid experience of using it. The VR platform will be based on a model of the universe in which it will be possible to actively interact with all objects, for example, planets and cities ... Users will be able to create VR content and integrate it into this world using their own or already available VR NetVRk tools. This can be done by users who do not even have knowledge of coding or 3D modeling. All these tools will be available and functional on the platform for any user who wants to create VR content.

NetVRk plans to create an ever-expanding virtual metaverse in which everyone can get incredible impressions and at the same time get the opportunity to monetize their actions by creating content.

Users will be immersed in a unique and visually beautiful world that they can explore, inhabit and change to suit their needs. What they create can be used for both personal and professional purposes, since the blockchain-based ecosystem will allow using various tools to monetize their virtual worlds in a secure economy.


NetVRk uses VWGen technology to create an unlimited number of virtual reality worlds that are unique and fully interactive. The ease with which you can create new worlds will greatly diversify the content of NetVRk. Before adding user-created content to the platform, it will be validated and only then integrated. There will also be a system of ratings and reviews.

Companies can sell custom VR environments and generate profits and advertisers will be able to serve ads. Content creators will be able to sell and rent it to other users.

The development of NetVRk will allow us to enter the global virtual reality market and, accordingly, attract many users to the platform. They will be able to create and share content using a wide selection of tools and do it very quickly and conveniently, and the features of the NetVRk platform will significantly reduce the cost of creating content. The audience that will be more interested in this will be virtual reality enthusiasts, especially gamers.

Target audience of NetVRk:

  • Gamers / VR enthusiasts
  • Content creators
  • Advertisers
  • Developers
  • Businesses

Monetization of the created content will take place through the single global blockchain-powered marketplace. This will allow attracting many users to the platform through monetization and expanding both the user base and the amount of virtual reality content.

NetVRk benefits

1.Content creators / Advertisers:

  • Multi-functional platform for easy content creation
  • Fast VR content creation
  • Tools understandable for any user
  • Functional and safe trading platform
  • Monetization of content and the ability to place advertisements for goods and services


  • Making apps easier
  • Everyone has access to a template for creating VR content


  • Nice platform for partnership and collaboration
  • New and modern ways of advertising
  • Creation and promotion of services in VR
  • Wide range of tools for creating businesses with custom VR
  • The ability to trade real estate in a virtual world.
  • Revenue stream generation

4.Gamers / VR Enthusiasts:

  • Communication and interaction on the platform with other users in unique ways
  • New unique experiences from the virtual world, cities ...
  • Creation of your own unique locations using NetVRk's editor
  • Monetization


NetVRk Token Ecosystem

  • Buy Assets
    The purchase of assets in the virtual world is carried out for NETVRK token, it can be buildings, transport, and much more that will be placed on the NETVRK market.

  • Buy Land
    In the virtual world of NETVRK, land is very valuable, especially depending on its location and the popularity of places.

  • Buy Advertising Space
    NETVRK tokens can be used to buy ad placements that can generate passive income.

  • Generate NFTs
    NETVRK tokens are consumed in the creation of NFT tokens, which can generate good returns.

  • Staking
    This is getting passive income by placing the NETVRK token in staking.



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Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram Facebook
Medium Instagram Discord



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