LPI DAO - a cross-chain investment platform on all the major blockchains

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LPI DAO is a project that offers unique investment opportunities for its users, LPI DAO allows investors to be confident in the profitability of their investments and at the same time their investments will still generate passive income. LPI benefits from the growth and success of the launchpad market.

At the heart of the LPI DAO is the launchpad index fund which provides investment in launchpads and has access to all private sales and IDO's. Access to these launchpads is provided by a single token for investors who benefit from launchpads. At the same time, the income of the fund is distributed equally among the participants of the fund and thus provides very favorable conditions for LPI token holders from their investments.


LPI DAO works on the ETH and BSC blockchain, and in the future it will use various blockchains that will be used by the sites, this will significantly expand investment opportunities without any restrictions.

LPI DAO provides an opportunity for all investors to access to launchpads, regardless of the size of their investment, knowledge. The Fund will strive to maximize the benefit from the growth of launchpad tokens and ROI from IDO sales, which will bring good income for LPI token holders.

The reward program will be implemented through staking, so investors will receive a share of the profits. Also, LPI participants will receive other rewards, including NFTs. Over time, a burning mechanism will be introduced that will secure the value of the LPI token. Tracking the most effective launchpads LPI DAO will create a Launchpad Index Token which will provide an opportunity for investors to earn income from launchpads native tokens.


GameFi and NFTs

There will be a special team in the LPI structure that will deal with the acceleration of GameFi and NFT projects and actively help developers and designers. These areas of the crypto market are actively developing and require implementation in real life, which will contribute to their development.


LPI DAO Tokenomics

The LPI token is used to make decisions in the LPI fund, allocate resources, select investment options, and distribute profits among fund members.

Token Symbol: LPI

Total Max Supply: 10,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 1,220,000

Contract: 0x3428ebf69d2db64a056c68871f27c9e0310f26c9


LPI DAO Token Listing


LPI Partners



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Thus, LPI DAO is an innovative investment project that can provide an investor with access to a variety of launchpads platforms for profit and at the same time greatly facilitates this process without requiring a lot of time for complex actions and studying information. This approach will attract a lot of interested people and allow the project to develop actively.

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