Lepasa - a Blockchain Based Mythological Virtual World

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Lepasa is an ecosystem where users can create, use and monetize their content and applications. The Lepasa team creates a mythological virtual life in which each unit of creativity will be an NFT token (ERC-721) and which can be disposed of by its holder as he pleases.

Lepasa's goal is to create a platform on which content creators can own and receive the full value of their contributions.

The mythological world created by Lepasa will run a social experience with an economy driven by layers of land and unique creatures ownership, this will allow developers to create applications on top of Lepasa. Users will be able to buy these applications thereby generating profits for the developers.


In the future, Lepasa will implement the following features:

  • peer-to-peer communications
  • scripting system for interactive content
  • system of cryptocurrency payments for in-world transactions

The scripting system will allow landowners to describe the behavior and interaction of objects, sound, applications that will be used on the land.

P2P network will provide a communication level of social interaction providing positioning, postures, voice chat ...

The world of Lepasa will be divided into zones with the possibility of their development, which will give uniqueness to these land plots. Users will be able to travel around this world and interact with the application they came across, and developers will buy land in areas with increased interest to attract more users, this will develop the secondary market, as well as land lease.

In-world Economy

Lepasa will provide a value proposition for app and game developers as they benefit from the interactions between users and their apps.

The Lepasa platform will enable you to trade three things:

  • cryptocurrency tokens
  • digital goods
  • digital services

Possible Use Cases

  • Applications and Games
    This includes the development of applications, games, gambling, dynamic 3D scenes, object creation, physics processing, as well as coding for user interaction, sounds, payments ...

  • Advertising
    Next to or on sites, brands will be able to advertise on billboards promoting soy products or services.

  • Digital Collectibles (NFT)
    Users will be able to collect NFTs from Lepasa or other creators.

  • Socializing
    Users will be able to create their own communities within Lepasa to communicate on a variety of topics.

  • Tourism
    Virtual Tourism will allow users from all over the world to visit Lapasa for education, training and adventure to see what the artists create on the platform.

  • E-commerce
    Sellers from all over the world may be interested in selling their actual goods in the virtual world of Lapasa.


LEPA Token

LEPA is the token of the Lepasa ecosystem that powers its economy. It will provide high liquidity for the exchange of NFT and token, and has a deflationary mechanism with each swap burns $ LEPA token.

Token Distribution


Fund Usage







Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram Medium Smart Contract




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