IX Swap - Next Generation of Trading for Security Tokens and Tokenized Stocks

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IX Swap is being developed by a team of experienced capital and blockchain developers to address the liquidity problem of STO secondary trading. This DeFi solution will bring a new wave of liquidity into STO trading, which will solve many problems and open up opportunities for anyone to participate in the allocation of market capital.

IX Swap Solution

  • AMM - Automated Market Makers
    It is a very effective tool in the DeFi industry that has gained wide acceptance and has become very popular with investors who participate in the DeFi liquidity pool. AMM provides many opportunities and benefits when using IX Swap and can significantly improve STO results.

  • Liquidity pools
    The liquidity pools created by IX Swap will allow STO token holders to stake their tokens and receive a share of the fees in return.

  • Impermanent Loss IL Insurance
    IX Swap is designed to use the IL insurance mechanism to significantly reduce the impact of IL on liquidity providers.

  1. 8% of the funds allocated for the Ecosystem will be placed in the IL -insurance Vault
  2. 5% of all trading fees are contributed towards the IL Insurance fund
  3. 50% of all penalties from early termination of liquidity provision contract is contributed to IL Insurance Fund
  • Borrowing and Lending
    IX Swap will create a lending and borrowing platform where STO / TSO holders can unlock the value of their idle assets.

Borrowing and Lending.jpg

IX Swap - IXS Token

IXS is the native currency for IX Swap, ecosystem participants will receive an incentive reward. Bullets with IXS will have a higher profitability compared to others, as well as a delational economy will be applied to the IXS token.

IX Swap - IXS Token.jpg

Deflationary Economics

Deflationary Economics.jpg

  • Moon vault
    5% of the total amount of fees will be spent on the purchase of IXS tokens

  • Solar vault
    5% will go to a blocked smart contract

  • Boosted incentives for longer staking period
    Liquidity providers will receive higher APYs over longer periods.



IX Swap Partners


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