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DeGeThal is a platform that brings together a variety of banking, financial products to create convenient and secure payments, trade operations and services in cryptocurrency and fiat for users around the world, regardless of their citizenship, income level, and place of residence.

The primary task is to create the most understandable, accessible and easy-to-use financial system. DeGeThal can solve these problems with the help of its own hybrid crypto/fiat solutions tool. These are opportunities that are not available for people in the traditional financial system, will become real using blockchain technology, which will create a parallel economic environment with many benefits.

The main advantage of DeGeThal is its own multi-currency wallet, which provides instant transactions and absolute transparency of operations.
Users will be able to:

  • Open bank accounts, make transfers, convert the national currency of any country.
  • Connect and use VISA / MasterCard bank cards in the application to pay for goods and services and create virtual cards.
  • Store digital assets in a cryptocurrency wallet, as well as transfer, buy, trade cryptocurrencies.

A huge benefit of the DeGeThal wallet for users will be obtaining an electronic banking license. This will turn the wallet into a multifunctional tool for payments, which will include microtransactions, payroll payments, banking transactions, payment for services and goods ...

DeGeThal will use a wallet module that will allow instant interaction between cryptocurrencies and fiat, this will ensure the reliability and security of payments.

DeGeThal application


The DeGeThal ecosystem

The DeGeThal ecosystem includes:

  • Multicurrency wallet and payment sistem with Visa / MasterCard cards
  • Trading platform
  • NFT market
  • Gateway for accepting payments
  • Exchange (CEX) with liquidity pool
  • Staking program and reward system
  • Own blockchain that supports smart contracts
  • DTM Token

DeGeThal multi-currency wallet allows you to safely store, transfer cryptocurrencies and fiat, and integrates the interaction of bank cards and accounts with cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Exchange (CEX) with a liquidity pool
DeGeThal pays a lot of attention to creating a proper CEX exchange with a liquidity pool to enable the exchange of assets within the wallet. This will facilitate the use of the wallet and cryptocurrencies for all users, since transactions on exchanges will occur instantly and there is no need to use third-party services.

NFT marketplace
Users will have the opportunity for both creativity and the opportunity to make money on NFT.

Staking program and reward system
This will support the DTM token holders and provide them with passive income.

Payment gateway and smart contracts
This function will allow users to make payments all over the world, Suppliers of goods and services will be able to connect to the service and accept cryptocurrencies.

Own blockchain
A proprietary blockchain provides many advantages, such as ensuring fast, cheap and reliable payments, and the presence of smart contracts will enable developers to install their own applications for a variety of financial transactions.

The DeGeThal Token (DTM)

Token DTM provides DeGeThal tokenomics and is used in all modules of the DeGeThal ecosystem and plays a key role in the development of the platform. DTM is used by users to pay for the services of the DeGeThal platform, as well as for holders to receive from staking, providing liquidity to pools, and community incentive programs
Such a functional application will ensure the interest in Token DTM.

Token Details

Token Ticker: DTM
Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain
SmartContract: 0x3868A245C4BdAC992D3dFa8c940f958a0371e9E0
Max. Supply: 100,000,000
Available: 50,000,000

Transaction fees:

  • 3% -automatically distributed to holders
  • 3% -automatically added to the liquidity pool

Token distribution




Website Whitepaper Twitter Facebook
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