Citizen Finance - A blockchain based First Person Shooter on Binance smart chain

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Citizen Finance is a unique opportunity platform that integrates traditional games and blockchain technology. It allows players to own game assets, as well as resell it, stake it, gift it or use it as collateral. This is effectively the player's ownership of the virtual assets, while in traditional games the user may be denied ownership. In fact, all achievements and assets purchased by the player for his funds belong to the company and only she can dispose of them at her discretion, severely limiting the player's use of his property in the game. But this situation is solved by Citizen Finance by introducing such concepts and utilities using the blockchain, which allows the player to become the owner of the in-game assets.

Citizen Finance: Meta City is developed as a first-person shooter on mobile and PC and gives players complete control over their in-game assets, which has not been seen in any other game.

The platform will be available:

  • asset trading on the market
  • make gifts
  • take it on decentralized pool to earn Ciphi token


The game's plot unfolds in Meta City, this rich city is divided into 14 districts with many valuable minerals, but the most valuable is Ciphi, the metal on which the technological process in the city is built. The player will play the role of a military man who needs to free the captured workers, fight against alien invaders and rebuild his bunker in the post-apocaleptic world.


Citizen Finance platform has its own Ciphi token, it is created using minted through NFT staking and Liquidity mining. Ciphi token is used for:

  • buy NFTs on the marketplace
  • fees to launch own skin proposal
  • deployment fee for Cifipowa
  • stake Ciphi to earn liquidity reward and lending protocol

Symbol: CIFI
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Decimal: 18
Type: Utility and Governance
Supply: 500,000



Users can only get the Ciphi token through iquidity mining and staking of in-game assets on a decentralized pool. 5% of the reward will be withdrawn and sent to the Treasury, and the player / farmer will receive 95%. the treasury account will be distributed as follows:

  • 1% Team Wallet
  • 2% Voluntary Developers
  • 2% Reward pool

Use of Ciphi token:

  • Payment method for in-game currency
  • NFT minting fee on CifiPowa
  • Auctioning of NFTs
  • Fees for PowXR
  • Governance
  • Publisher's payment for in-game ads

Citizen Finance will also reward players with Ciphi tokens for their actions in the game, and it will be possible to convert at the rate of 1 meta = $ 0.01 worth of Ciphi token.

Citizen Finance Aplication

Santa Fe

Screenshot (530).png

Santa Fe is a decentralized staking and lending protocol using the user's in-game assets. It was created on the Binance smart chain, which will allow for fast transactions and pay low fees for transfers. Also, NFT staking will be available in this protocol for which users will get CIFI tokens.



CifiPowa is a unique application for artists to transform digital art into NFT art. A decentralized trading platform is also available for the created assets, where they can be sold at a fixed price or at an auction.

Created NFTs can be added to your album called the Registry, or you can add your work to the CifiPowa registry. Over time, support for 3D extensions for the in-game weapon market will be added. In turn, this will allow CifiPowa to support the Unity and Unreal game engines.

CifiPowa X


CifiPowa X is an augmented reality app that provides immersive presence with NFT art. Using these opportunities, collectors will be able to create a photo, shoot a video, and engage in sales with the effect of presence. CifiPowa X will be available on Android, iOS and web-brouser on PC.


  • Encourage immersive experience of NFT-based art work
  • Enable artist to carry out art exhibition using NFTs
  • Interactive art sales
  • Immersive based advertisement
  • Fashion shows
  • ...

The application will work not only on the Binance smart chain, but also on others, Ethereum, Polkadot, Tron and other NFT supported blockchain.

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The project is very interesting, with great potential. Thanks for the detailed review.

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