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It is no secret that cryptocurrencies have encountered problems in their transactions, which are sometimes slow and have a high commission, which is very inconvenient for users and requires additional time and resources.

AMEPAY solves these problems by allowing users to make fast, secure and convenient payments based on cryptocurrencies. AMEPAY is a decentralized ecosystem that makes the payment process fast, accessible and easy for any cryptocurrency user around the world.

Based on blockchain technology, AMEPAY will create innovative digital payment technologies. To do this, a platform will be created, and a special cryptocurrency that will ensure the functioning of this system. Users will be able to use this decentralized market to make secure payments and at no additional cost. This approach is more focused on the consumer market and business.

Priority areas of development:

  • Crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat calculations
  • Accessible blockchain and cryptocurrency integration
  • Compact and versatile POS module
  • Inexpensive cross-border options
  • Tokenized loyalty program
  • Decentralized Ecommerce marketplace.

Amepay Wallet

The AMEPAY wallet has the ability to support cryptocurrencies and fiat at the same time. It is quite functional and easy to use with special information panels for users. Allows you to store private keys.

The wallet is developed for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Web.


  • Support for various cryptocurrencies and phyto
  • High liquidity for deposit and withdrawal
  • P2P fund transfers
  • Various incentive programs
  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Generate paper wallet codes
  • Create multiple wallet addresses

Desktop wallet:




Payment Gateway

AMEPAY online payment gateway is an important component that provides an opportunity for merchants to digitize their store and start receiving payments in cryptocurrency. It will support various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. AMEPAY will also provide hardware and software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Amepay Ecosystem

The AMEPAY ecosystem includes merchants, customers, and payment aggregators, which provide activity on the platform and increase the number of transactions in the AMEPAY network.


AMEPAY allows you to make payments based on cryptocurrencies simple and quite practical when used in everyday applications. Users will be able to easily perform cryptocurrency transactions without unnecessary movements. They also do not have to worry about currency volatility.

In collaboration with AMEPOS, hardware and software solutions will be provided for sale. At a nominal price, additional equipment will be provided, such as, POS devices, scanners, swiping machines ...

Payment Aggregators

A feature will also be very important when the AMEPAY infrastructure is available as a SaaS product. That is, all those interested will be able to obtain a license to integrate AMEPAY into their payment gateway. With this, they will be able to receive remuneration in the form of commissions and fees, using AMEPAY on their own platform.

AME Token

AMEPAY uses the Ethereum blockchain, and AME own token is built on the ERC-20 protocol. This token is required for payment settlement and fund transfer on the AMEPAY platform and provides the opportunity to receive rewards for each transaction.

Ways to use The AME token:

  • B2B fund transfers
  • B2C fund transfers
  • C2C fund transfers
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Loyalty program
  • Capital appreciation
  • Trading

Token Details

Token Details.jpg

Token Allocation

Token Allocation.jpg

Fund Utilization

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| Linkedin| BTT ANN | Whitepaper |



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