Token Sport [Official Introduction]

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{The following text is the summary and publication of a project that uses BlockChain technology to tokenize emotions and appropriate users of their shared data/emotions, at the time of writing is in the development stage website, which will give free access to the material that supports the project and communication channels to be used}

The first Dapp that allows users to share their emotions in sports and through BlockChain technology, tokenize their data.
For the start of the Token we will use Football as the Sport launch of the Dapp.
Create your user and you will receive TSP Tokens, with which you will be able to interact in different ways with the platform.
Share your Emotions during each Football match.
Clap or boo the Players, Judges and Coaches in each match.

Select the match you want to attend, pay your ballot with TSP and receive notifications with all the information prior to the event.
Once the Box Office is closed and the public affluence to the match is confirmed, the event will be given a value in TSP and the Media and different Transmission Channels of the Matches will be able, by means of an Api, to obtain LIVE the statistics of the sensation that the fans have during the match and to retransmit them in Television, Stream, etc.

The Access to each match, will have a value in TSP, that only those who make a Payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum will have access to them. This payment, together with the Advertising Guidelines that will be offered during the match, will be distributed among the community of Users who have interacted (provided their data) so that they can exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum in the Internal Exchange of Token Sport or exchange for products/services of Brands/Companies/Organizations allied to Token Sport.
In this way we are creating a Usability Token that allows Users to transparently receive Value for the Data delivered.

By means of Intelligent Contracts linked to a General Party Jackpot, we calculate the amount of interactions that can take place in a party, i.e., the number of interactions that can take place in a party:
The User chooses the 20 TSP ballot, but only performs 11 Interactions (in the case that 1 Interaction equals 1 TSP), then at the end of the match, the User freezes 9 TSP for his next event and in the same way, whoever pays for the Api freezes 9 TSP for his next payment.
Another of the functions as users can interact with the platform is through a system of El 11 Ideal, where at the beginning of the month, the User will be able to choose the 11 Players he believes will be the most Applauded during the following 30 days. Likewise, the User will be able to participate in El 11 Pésimo, with the players who receive the most booing during the 30 days.

Another interesting way is the contribution to the development of the Dapp, in a disruptive and collaborative way, users can edit the cards and update the data of leagues, matches, squads, players, transfers, etc ... to do so other users with CURATOR category, check the information, make the adjustments if necessary and confirm the incorporation of the information to the Token Sport Database. Once received and by means of Intelligent Contracts, rewards will be sent to the Users and Curators who have intervened in the operation.

Like any project, we have devised a distribution plan of Tokens where they will be diversified following a scheme of percentages, Founder, Development, Team, Exchange, Partners, Investors, Airdrop, etc ... with the aim of constantly improving with the Development and Growth of Token Sport.
In the initial stage together with the Development Team of Dapp, we will use much of the resources available in the area of Marketing and Advertising with 2 strong main objectives:
1- Create a Giant User Community
2- Create Strategic Alliances with different points so that users can exchange for TSP such as Football Clubs, Sports Centres, Governmental Sports Organisations, etc.

During the Initial Stage and the correct functioning of Token Sport the work will be carried out under a conventional Company scheme, where the founder, surrounded by a team of selected professionals, will have the final decision making. As it grows and the time to release and create the DAO is deemed opportune, the tokens will be released to the public and it will be the community who will have the decision of the future of the Dapp.

Bearing in mind that we are in front of the Litepaper of Token Sport and constantly monitoring the technological changes arising in the DLT (Distributed Database Technology) the Gamification system created is designed using the chain technology of NEM Blocks, in Test stage, we will adjust the intelligent contracts on this BlockChain, but as the Development continues growing, decisions will be made about which technology to use, like the type of BlockChain (public, private or hybrid) as well as the amount of Tokens (TSP - TSPdata) information that we will be adjusting in the development of the Dapp.

In the initial stage we will work collaboratively, through different communication tools and work organization platform, different tasks will be created in order to form an Excellent Qualified Team that will be a fundamental part of the growth of Token Sport.

Initially there will be a way to collaborate doing tasks and contributing in different areas that will then increase as Token Sport grows, by doing so, the user receives an amount of TSP, taking into account the initial value of TSP in u$s 0.0078 for the Team and 0.018 for Early Investors.

Areas of Collaboration (Team Formation):

Project Manager: Open call to Leaders of technological projects and of massive scope, referents in creation of mobile applications and technologies of Distributed Database.

App Development: Open call for Mobile Application Developers with knowledge of BlockChain Technology and Distributed Database.

Early Investors: People or companies that finance the development of Token Sport at an early stage until reaching the available Max Supply of u$s39.000- (according to LitePaper).

Marketing and Advertising: Open call to work in the area of Social Media and Global Communication.
Marketing and impact strategies with the objective of positioning and increasing the usability of the Dapp.

Graphic Design: open call to collaborate in the development of Token Sport's Graphic line.

Web Development: open call to collaborate in the development, updating and monitoring of the website.

Testers: Identified users to help with Front End adjustments, content loading, etc.

Advisors: Strategic Allies that help finance and recognize Token Sport in search of great Partners and Investors.
BlockChain Masters: Analysts and Professionals who contribute to the development of the ecosystem and technology that supports the Gamification of Token Sport.

University students: Young university students from different careers who contribute their knowledge to the analysis, adjustment and search for errors in the Dapp ecosystem, certifying its correct functioning.

Media Partners: Allied media that monitor Token Sport, helping to disseminate both the Dapp and the Team and the activities carried out.
BlockChain Scientists: Focused on Universities that provide space and capacity to incorporate Token Sport as a case study and analysis, thus certifying the proper functioning and learning through work, concepts and opportunities that this technology promises for different areas.
The main objective of Token Sport is focused on the authorship of users as creators of content (data) being the beneficiary in part for providing such value. Understanding that today in the system we know, are the media who benefit from these contents.
Token Sport works like Dapp that among other things allows to authenticate and monetize the emotions of the Users in the sport events.

For the launch, operation and adjustments of the Dapp the TSP token will be used only for the Sport Football and the usability of the platform will be measured in the First Division of Football in the Argentine League. As the development of the Dapp grows and adjustments and functional work schemes are established for the growth of the community, different soccer leagues will be incorporated. Once Token Sport has been established as an indispensable tool, the incorporation of new Tokens to the ecosystem will take place, following the Whitepaper and its modifications.

The progress of the Dapp will have a strong dependence on the decisions that arise in the DAO, a fundamental tool for the Growth and Strengthening of Token Sport as a platform of reference in the field of sport.
Once the App is up and running and as the project continues to grow, the possibility of using different technologies will be analysed, both for the management of user data and for the development of the Dapp itself.
As TSP is a usability token, it will be sought to influence areas where a solution is created, for example:
In Argentina, a country where football fanaticism generates emotions to the point of creating a battle that ends with the resolution to play a game behind closed doors without public participation, creates an opportunity for fans of their clubs, can share their excitement LIVE and with the entire community.
It also often happens that there are sporting events that for reasons of money, distances, times and different issues, fans can not attend, for that reason Token Sport works as a tool for the relief of that fan, since being in Chile can interact and share their excitement for a game that happens in Spain and vice versa.

The Token Sport Database is a constant update of information that will be observed and confirmed by a team of CURATORS, who will receive benefits for carrying out the activity of monitoring and keeping the information constantly updated.
The user accesses the main screen, where he will be able to select the type of interaction he wants to perform:

Matches in Game
11 Ideal
11 Lousy
Live Betting
Buy Ballots
By accessing this menu the user has access to the list of matches that are currently taking place. They will be able to enter, pay the corresponding ballot and start Interacting.
[11 IDEAL]
By accessing this menu, the user will be able to form his Ideal Team by selecting players from different positions, with the aim of choosing the 11 Players who will receive the most applause in the next 30 days. After this date, the User who has chosen the 11 most applauded players, will receive an amount of TSP as a prize.
[11 THIRD]
By accessing this menu, the user will be able to form his Lousy Team by selecting players from different positions, with the aim of choosing the 11 Players who will receive the most booed in the next 30 days. At the end of this date, the User who has chosen the 11 most booed players will receive a TSP amount as a prize.
By entering this menu, the user can access the list of matches available for betting. Among them you can choose:
Local - Draw - Visitor - Most applauded player of the match - Most booed player of the match.
In this section the users will be able to see the list of the next matches that will be able to interact.
In order to interact in the matches, the user must pay in TSP the value of the Ballot, being the equivalent to the amount of interactions that he plans to make.


Initial Stage:
All the documentation on the idea, creation, development and operation of Token Sport will be documented in Steemit, the social network that uses BlockChain technology to publish and store content, thus allowing to safeguard copyright and transparency in the tasks performed.
Following the main idea of "Puteame o Applaudime" the WebApp that gave shape to Token Sport, a Mobile App will be created to show the interactivity that promises the Dapp and will be used as proof of concept.

Stages of Development App:

Version 0.1 where the initial code will be created perfecting the operation of GAMIFICATION.
Version 0.2 where the functionalities and roles of the different available users will be adjusted.
Version 0.3 where the global security and the support of the BDD will be improved in order to start the Beta Test version release.
Version 0.4 where the GAMIFICATION system will be defined.
Version 1.0 open to a reduced public that will collaborate with the data load and usability test of the App.
Version 1.0.1 UI settings for the different roles of Users.
Version 1.0.2 UI settings for end users.
Version 1.1 creation of Api for Premium users
Version 1.2 Full performance analysis of the app
Final Version. Launch of App Token Sport by means of an equivalent scoring system in TSP.
Financing stage:
For the transparency and confidence of Investors and Users of Token Sport in the Dapp stage, an initial amount of TSP (according to WhitePaper) has been created on the BlockChain of NEM. These tokens will be initial support for the initial funding stage. Each TSP has an initial value (according to WhitePaper) that sets the initial amount of tokens available for distribution between the corresponding parties. As Token Sport is in the development stage, all TSPs will be distributed under physical and/or digital contracts that will be signed between the investor and the founder of Token Sport and will remain in effect until the tokens are delivered to the Personal Wallet.
In this way and with total transparency, having already obtained funding for the final development of the App, will begin the stage as ITO, where strong funding will be sought in order to strengthen BlockChain technology and finally launch the Dapp, where the Tokens will unfreeze and create intelligent contracts that will give value to TSP.
During the ITO stage we will follow an execution plan according to WhitePaper with the objective of generating Usability, Positioning, Reinforcement of the International Development Team, Increasing the Community of Users.
Creation of Strategic Alliances and Development of New Businesses that adjust to the Token Sport plan.

Final Stage:
Once the financing in ITO stage is finished, we will give way to the incorporation of TSP to different Exchange (according to WhitePaper) with the objective of increasing the international community of investors that allow, among other things, to monetize the users of their TSP.
Creation of Own Exchange: for greater transparency and in order to avoid possible inflation or deflation in the value of the TSP, Token Sport will have its own Exchange, where users can exchange their tokens for Bitcoin, being this Criptomenda the support and what will give value to Token Sport as Dapp.
Forks: As Token Sport grows, different sports will be incorporated with their leagues, clubs and athletes. For each sport, the idea of creating Forks or Defrosts (according to WhitePaper) of new Tokens will be analyzed.

Technical Development:
(Document Technical Development)

App (Language, Bdd, security)
Dapp (Language, Dlt, nodes)
Disruptive Process:

Different tools will be used where the community can see a list of tasks to be performed for the proper functioning and growth of Token Sport. Those who want to be part of the development team can choose from a list of activities, the area in which they can collaborate and the different objectives to be achieved. As the objectives, tasks and results are achieved, the incorporation to the Token Sport Team will be defined. The Token Sport Team receives benefits for its work and for being a very important part in the initial stage of development.


Creation of the first batch (Development) of TSP tokens on public NEM blockchain.
Launch to the public of LitePaper (Idea and Construction of Token Sport).
Formation of the initial Development team.
Formation of the initial Marketing and Advertising team.
Web Site Creation (Pre-Release)
Development of proof of concept WebApp for the search of Early Investors.
Creation of Private Database with distribution of TSP (promise of payment).
Development of mobile App Beta Test (Gamification + Data Loading).
Creation of Disruptive Team.
Beta Test Users Campaign (Objective: 500 users).
Improved storage and security of information.
Development of Api for transmission of user data.
Launch of the Final App. (Target 5000 users).
Launch of ICO.
Final Improvements in Official WhitePaper.
BlockChain Construction and Intelligent Contracts (TestNet)
Creation of Masternodes and final DAO.
Launch of Final Api.
Final adjustments in BlockChain TestNet.
Incorporation of BlockChain and TSP to the App.
Official launch of App Token Sport.
Different communication strategies and tactics will be used to add as many users as possible, with the aim of reaching 1,000,000 in the first year following the official launch.
For the Beta Test stage, we will have presence in different events in which we will use a socio-digital tactic to create new users and through AirDrop, grow the community.
To activate in events, we will have a micro-stadium of Soccer-Tennis branded with different logos of strategic allies that will be, in turn, Early Investors.
The public will be able to approach the micro-stadium, download the app and at the moment of creating your user will receive the initial TSP with which they will be able to pay their participation in the tournament that we will carry out in the space. A Soccer-Tennis tournament with 8-minute matches where the winning team will receive its prize in TSP and products from strategic allies.
In this stage we will create the first Beta Test users, who will be a fundamental part in the development of Token Sport as an App. They will have the possibility to upload the first data and benefit from it.
By default, the cards of players, judges and technicians, will have silhouettes of the different roles occupied by each actor.
The user will be able to customize the cards, which will be analyzed between the Curators, who will finally decide the preset image for each one. By doing this action, both the end user and the Curators involved receive TSP as a collaboration to the development of Token Sport.
This can be done constantly as team line-ups and future matches change.
Understanding that the success of Token Sport depends largely on the ability of the user to exchange their TSP for goods, products or services, we will create strategic alliances with different sports centers that will receive TSP in exchange for advertising space in the Dapp or the corresponding payment made by Token Sport.

During the early stage of development, physical contracts will be created according to Colombian standards, where the Founder will be responsible for the complete execution and development of the project. This being the one who initially decides the path to follow and is responsible for the future and growth of Token Sport.
Creating the Collaborative-Disruptive Development campaign, the 1.13% of TSP (Initial Stage) will be divided into two parts as follows:
STAGE 1: 9,090,000 TSP (Development-Launch)
--6.090.000 (INITIAL EQUIPMENT) u$s47.000 - TSP u$s 0.00771
--3,000,000 (EARLY INV) u$s 54,000 - TSP u$s 0.018
For those who contribute with work and knowledge to the development of TSP the value of u$s0.00771 will be taken into account at the time of cancelling the work; e.g.: Among the available tasks, it is necessary to develop a portal for the Fan Page of Token Sport, Claudia, proposes to carry out the work and its value is u$s3. Once the work is finished and delivered, the Initial Team will decide at the moment of validating the work, once the work has been correctly confirmed, a contract will be created clarifying that Claudia is the owner of 389.1 TSP that will be reflected in her wallet when the distribution of the tokens begins.
In the case of Early Investors, they will be able to contribute capital in cash or crypto currencies. This investment will be calculated on the value of u$s 0.018 at the time of making the investment, eg: Matias invests u$s2000 that will be used for the development of Token Sport, will create a contract which clarifies that Matias owns 111111.1 TSP that will be reflected in his wallet when the distribution of tokens begins.
In order to accelerate the initial stage of development and have a good proof of concept that will be used to attract new investors, a bonus has been created to reach 10% of initial capital (u$s5400). The first capital investment in Cash or Criptomonedas, will receive 675,000 TSP that will be reflected in your wallet at the time the distribution of the tokens begins.

Those actors who collaborate in the initial stage of development, consistently and fulfill much of the tasks in the disruptive development program of Token Sport.

Project Leader
Marketing Leader
Digital Community Leader
Legal Firm
In order to grow Token Sport with the least amount of resources possible and based on the trust of the entire community in the Initial Team, we will recommend Holdear the TSP for different reasons:
To create trust in the community, being an example of Holder.
Increase their profitability as the development of TSPs such as Token progresses.
Ability to make future decisions about the growth of Token Sport.
At the end of the Start-up Stage, the value of the TSP will be fixed in US dollars. Once the ITO is launched, its value will depend on the valuation of the Dapp announced in the WhitePaper and will start the Internal Market of Token Sport.
People or companies that are willing to invest with economic capital in Token Sport.
Strategic Allies for the development of the App that offer products or services in the Initial Stage.
Partners who finance in exchange for advertising guidelines during the Initial Stage at a price established during the course of the WhitePaper and through an alliance create future links with benefits in future guidelines and/or activities.

Initial Stage Financing:
*Sale of Advertising Space in Proof of Concept.
Investment: u$s 300 = 16666.6 TSP
*Sale of Advertising Space in Website.
Investment: u$s 100 = 5555.5 TSP

*Sale of advertising space in WhitePaper.
Investment: u$s 250 = 13888.8 TSP
*Sale of Advertising Space in T-shirts, Caps and Initial Merchandisign.
Investment: u$s 500 = 27777.7 TSP
*Sale of Exclusive Advertising Space in activations that take place during the Initial Stage.
Investment: u$s 1500 = 83333.3 TSP
Initially the Initial Team will be composed of the area of Developers and the area of Marketing and Advertising which will seek to quickly obtain a Proof of Concept along with a communication scheme and a marketing plan will be fundamental tools to obtain Early Investment.
It is the Token Sport Foundation that will have a strong and positive social impact. Divided into different areas will create different actions such as:

Support for children's sports entities.
Support to sportsmen from its initial stage.
Support for sports complexes.
Support for Teachers.
Creation of Recreational/Sports Schools.
Improvement of Public Spaces for sports purposes.
Once Phase 2 has begun, a percentage that the foundation will receive will be determined.
Working in Reverse Inclusion, we will seek to create new users, positively impacting the sport from its initial stages, in such a way that through the accompaniment of Token Sport in the training of new athletes, allows maintaining the sustainability of the Dapp.

--- Update
Initial stage Token Sport:
Following the rules of the Whitepaper, Token Sport S.A.S., located in Colombia, will be formed, where a large part of the development of the App will be born to give way to the launch of the Proof of Concept.

Initial Organization of the company:
Adelante announces a basic detail of the main roles of the beginnings of the organization, they can be modified, as new requirements and / or new opportunities arise.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer). In charge of overseeing the company's strategies and vision. Main person in charge of the operative phase of the organization. Among the responsibilities, it is who responds to the "directory" (Investors/Community).
Responsible for the group of directors of different departments of the company (marketing, operations, finance, legal, development, etc.).


  • Provide the necessary resources for the proper functioning and development of the organization.
  • To report on the objectives, management and achievements of the company.
  • Make decisions about business strategy.
  • Carry out leadership functions, such as: motivating and advising work teams.
  • Make organizational decisions for a given time of the company.
  • Strategic planning of new businesses.
    CTO: Chief Technology Officer. In charge of designing, providing, operating, maintaining and evolving the company's information systems. He brings his vision and experience in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT or generically IT) to help build not only the present but also the future of the organization. The CTO ensures that the company uses technology to add value to its processes and products. The CTO must have an integral vision of the company, its aspirations and its limitations to innovate through IT and lead the company towards its future. The CTO in agreement with the CEO sets the strategic objectives in terms of technology and must assume a compromise between audacity and security.


  • Define at a high level the IT services that the company will have internally, as well as in relation to its customers and suppliers.
  • Define infrastructure and security policies.
  • Establish standards to be used.
  • Propose a strategy of applications and their evolution.
  • Design a common data architecture in the organization.
  • Build and lead an IT team.
  • Define and manage the IT budget.
  • Select strategic IT providers.
  • Investigate new technologies, possible trends and their application to the company.
  • Carry out concept tests and prototypes.
  • Assist in the creation of new products and services.
  • Assist in the optimization of internal processes and external relations.
  • Provide support to all areas of the organization to understand their needs and provide solutions.
  • Propose a long-term IT strategic plan.
  • Identify and evaluate high-level risks and identify measures to mitigate them.
  • Overall track your team's IT projects and services.
  • Inform your superiors and peers of the use of IT in the company.
  • Take care of regulatory compliance.

CBO: (Chief Blockchain Officer) In charge of adjusting and creating technology for distributed accounting books and information management. Analyzing and developing the gamifications system of the products to be developed, he is the person in charge of structuring and developing the information management systems that are applied in each product.


  • Analyze and execute plans to incorporate distributed record book technology.
  • Develop technology that fits the product in process.
  • Budget technology development.
  • Lead a team of technology and product developers.

BDM: (Business Development Manager) very strategic profile with the task of exploring alternative sources of income and the impact on new markets (sectorial, geographical).


  • Create product licensing opportunities.
  • Acquisition of companies.
  • Develop new products/services or adaptations of existing products.
  • Create new distribution channels.
  • Create strategic alliances with other companies.

CMO: (Chief Marketing Officer) responsible for marketing activities. With primary or shared responsibility for the areas of sales management, distribution channels, communication, market research and customer service.


  • Promote growth, sales and marketing strategies.
  • Increase revenue generation.
  • Mitigate risks.
  • Prepare comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Develop programs with quantifiable objectives.
  • Elaborate and manage the marketing budget.
  • Analyze data to create strategies.
  • Modify or redirect the busine strategy.

CCO: (Chief Creative Oficer): responsible for creating the idea that conveys the basic message of the company and/or products. Express that idea in a way that is as persuasive as possible in its adaptation to each medium. Design the presentation material to the client. Supervise the production of audiovisual and graphic material for advertising campaigns.


  • Decide which is the best way to represent a concept in a visual way.
  • Decide on the design elements to be used (photographs, typographies, illustrations...).
  • Define the global image of the advertising campaign, film, publication, etc.
  • Supervise the design team, review and approve their work.
  • Dealing with clients to decide together the visual style they need.
  • Coordinating activities with other creative and artistic departments.
  • Develop plans and budgets.

LSD: (Legal Services Department) the purpose of LSD is to address legal issues that arise regarding the activities of the organization, its internal rules, and its relationship with other entities. The Department accomplishes its objectives by providing legal advisory services, representation in litigation and negotiations, and in the preparation of legal documents for the Board of Directors. It is also an integral part of the administrative apparatus established by the CEO and/or the Board of Directors.


  • Advise on the constitution, management and dissolution of any type of mercantile or civil society, and also in the preparation of minutes of meetings.
  • Defend the interests of the company in all types of legal proceedings.
  • Study and solve legal problems related to the company, its contracts, agreements and rules.
  • Issuing reports on the different areas of the organization and advising on matters within its competence.
  • Negotiate and draft contracts.
  • Orienting in fiscal and administrative matters, responding to requirements in participation with other areas.
  • Instruct on the management of intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • Intervene in all types of labor negotiations.
  • Advise on business law.

The aforementioned roles are, in my opinion, the fundamental pieces for the perfect functioning in the initial stage. These roles and departments, as well as the general organization of the company will be improved and increased as necessary.

Following the previously announced roadmap, I announce the main roles in the initial stage of Token Sport.
All roles will be related to Token Sport S.A.S. During the centralized stage, it will continue to function as detailed in the Litepaper, developing the best quality technological products, training and forming highly qualified work teams. Following the laws, norms, controls and regulations, the contracts of incorporation will be governed to all the people/companies assigned to the development of the products.

In addition to complying with all the traditional requirements for the control of documentation, it will be housed using distributed records technology of trust, security and global reach in consensus and technological reach. In this way, a unique hash will be created that allows ownership, transparency, tracking and immutability.

Process of Liquidation of roles (Decentralization Stage Begins):
Once the final technology to create decentralization has been developed, the balance and fulfillment of remaining contracts will be given way through open call.
At the moment of decentralizing, a record will be left of the total cancellation of contracts, announcing the "hash" of each one, and creating a new "hash" that the community will be able to know publicly.
At the time of decentralization, there will be a public announcement and open call to participate in the declaration of the DAO, presenting a general report on the distribution of TSP tokens.

According to litepaper, the Dream Team is the initially fixed team that begins the development of Token Sport from its beginnings. It will seek to create a team composed of highly committed professionals and / or passionate about Token Sport who will be constantly linked to the project over time. For this, and with the aim of creating ties, responsibilities, belonging and benefits over time, different positions will be created. These will be recorded in the blockchain and gamification system that involves the distribution of TSP tokens.

The Dream Team will participate in the distribution of tokens from different contracts that fit the ecosystem of gamification. This participation will be confirmed and announced at the beginning of the total decentralization of Token Sport.

  • Updating

Distribution of TSP for Dream Team:
ChartGo (2).png

During the initial stage, the roles are unipersonal, before moving to the stage of decentralization, some positions can become areas and / or teams, which will generate a new distribution of the participation of the Dream Team.

At the time of decentralization, the distribution of tokens and representatives in each position mentioned above will be announced to the community. Through surveys, the community will have an opinion about the agreed participations and distributions.

If you want to be part of this project, we invite you to join the Discord or Telegram channel where your good contributions will be well received.

Authorship, Idea and Writing
Alejandro Ezequiel Fernandez

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