Interesting new ICO: Qravity

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Qravity provides a space for creative dreamers to collaborate and develop
original digital content, including movies, music, games,
e-books, and applications. Qravity is a decentralized marketplace that connects creators with creative project founders. Using the decentralized network, people with great ideas can gather creative teams to produce top-quality content. Qravity only allows for “commercially viable content”. The platform will review project proposals carefully through their smart contracts and then select those with high market potential to ensure profitability for all project stakeholders.

The platform uses virtual tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to track digital content creation, distribute project stakes among the project’s team members, and deliver content directly to the market. Transparency is evident with the blockchain technology, in terms of revenue, product distribution, and profit sharing. Content creators and distributors receive a share of the project according to their work and thereby royalties whenever their content is consumed. Payments take place using Qravity’s own token QCO, that can be exchange for any fiat or cryptocurrency. The processes in collaboration and distribution will also be made clear, along with transactions and profit sharing. Despite this added transparency, Qravity will remove middlemen and financial barriers.

Qravity is more than just a jobs marketplace for freelancers and content creators, it’s a completely developed copyright management and purchasing ecosystem. Qravity revolves around two tokens: the QPT token that tracks project ownership and the QCO token used for monetary transactions. It will use immutable smart contracts to further trust in a digitized work economy. The platform protects copyrights and guarantees fair compensation through ownership for all parties involved by using smart contracts, providing better security in the Qravity ecosystem and thereby encouraging participation.

Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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