Great Solution To Safe Your Digital Data By Goldilock!

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What Is Goldilock?

Goldilock is one the great solution to keep secure cryptocurriences and digital assest on the internet.

Goldilock access your data using your private key.
Nobody can hack goldilock easily.
Because goldilock using most powerfull security system technology.

Goldilock Solution

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Goldilock user need to access their personal data to make more secure their data,
So that hacker unable to hack their data.

Personal data and private key must be secured and need to be fully backed-up.

Private key and all personal data quickly accessible
when user need to access quickly.

Goldilock choose the best NEO network.
NEO will be the first and secure cryptocurrency platform.
Uset can make a transaction with GAS using this platform.

Goldilock Crypto Exchanges

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Goldilock has a great completely
secure exchange feature,
user can exchange cryptocurrencies

Goldilock Token


Goldilock has their own token name "Lock tokens"

Total supply 1 Billion Lock tokens on the NEO blockchain.

There are 67% of Lock tokens for public sale from 1 Billion supply.

Another 16% of Lock tokens for Team, Investors, Advisors and early Adopters.

Another 15% Lock tokens for the development, and partnership, and future services, etc.

Last 2% of Lock tokens for the bounty programs, User wo will participate on this bounty program, 2% of Lock token will be distributed for them.

For more information you can check this following chart :



Goldilock has a great and brillie team members those who are the real hero behind this project.

image (2).png


image (3).png

For More information What This Goldilock Introducing Video

For More Information
Goldilock Website
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