Get To Learn About Cotton Coin And How It Will Improve The Cotton Industry

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Hi @everyone, In this post i will be reviewing and talking about Cotton Coin, a great project. This type of post is a rarity for me but I decided to try it to support this amazing project and my very good friend, @crypto.piotr

As we all know, Cotton is a natural fiber commonly used in making clothes and some health tools. About twenty million tones of cottons are produced every year and Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, United States and Uzbekistan account for over 75% of this global production.

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This sector of our economy is facing some issues which if they are well addressed will increase productivity and well being of individuals.

Some Of The Problems Facing The Cotton Industry

  1. Lack of information about cotton market prices:
    Most cotton farmers especially in the less developed countries don’t have knowledge about the prices at which cotton is sold to firm or markets. As a result, they accept whatever price that is offer to them by local buyers.

  2. Poor working conditions:
    Most cotton farmers are exposed to poor working conditions since they don’t earn much.

  3. Non, delayed and low payments provided to farmers:
    Many buyers like in the case of the under developed countries take cotton from farmers on credit and sometimes don’t deliver the payments in time or at all.

Cotton Coin And Its Solutions

Cotton Coin is a blockchain based project that aims at creating a trusted transaction ledger to integrate consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in the cotton Industry.

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Cotton Coin provides the followings:

  1. Security: Cotton Coin provides blockchain based solution that ensures that cotton related information cannot be corrupted or modified.

  2. The Cotton Coin ecosystem: The Cotton Coin blockchain has a trusted transaction ledger to integrate consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in one ecosystem.

  3. Fast Transactions: Cotton Coin has a buit-in peer-to-peer payment network that can be used for instant payments thereby escaping corrupted intermediaries. Futhermore, It can manage more than one million transactions a day.

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As a step to provide these solutions that sum up to the mission of Cotton Coin, Cotton Coin has come up with multilingual decentralized mobile apps for both administrators (e.g industry, packaging house) and consumers.

Does The Cotton Industry Really Needs Blockchain Technology?

Yes. Blockchain technology is now being applied to every sector of the economy. The Cotton Industry certainly needs Blockchain to counter or wipe out corruption and provide transparency within the sector.
It will help give farmers the confident they need when dealing with buyers and thus encourage them.

Advantages Of Using Cotton Coin

  1. Consumer Involvement
    Cotton Coin has provided a token based system and mobile app so that cotton farmers and dealers can operate more consciously. It uses two front-end dApps for the B2B and B2C markets.

  2. Mothodology
    Cotton Coin has a really cool roadmap that describes their future plans and emerging markets.

  3. Pragmatism
    Cotton Coin doesn’t disrupt current payment methods, it only extends them with trusted technologies.

  4. Flexible business models
    Cotton Coin offers business models for both institutions and consumers through their app.

To find more info about Cotton Coin, Visit:

  1. Official website:

  2. Join their Discord server:

  3. Follow cotton coin on Steemit:

  4. Check out their whitepaper:

Cotton Coin masternodes are currently traded on ESCODEX Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange and will be listed on more exchanges shortly.

The Cotton Coin project is a humanitarian effort created to give hope and save lives. Invest in Cotton Coin masternodes to help transform the cotton industry while earning an attractive reward for yourself.


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“take cotton from farmers on credit and sometimes don’t deliver the payments in time or at all.” I read about this in the white paper, but just had a thought upon reading your post. Before Cotton Coin, what options did farmers have but to take credit. Without it, buyers would need to trust farmers. Anyway, I am glad to have read your post


This made me to feel for these farmers as well, thanks for visiting.

greetings @ajongcrypto, i can see that your post is already making waves. i love your content. congratulations in advance


Thanks man!