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Digital money is increasingly beginning to enter our lives, we almost do not notice how less and less use cash, because the cards are more convenient to use payment for services and goods. And a natural event was the emergence of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, allowing the exchange of values between people on the Internet.

It have much more advantages in comparison with traditional electronic Bank money, as the funds are personally in each account and only you can dispose of them at will, the main thing is to have a private key and securely store it. It can be sent at any distance and remain completely confidential and track the transaction.

But still there is a problem of their widespread acceptance in life and use in many areas, as it is relatively new for people and there are shortcomings in obtaining them or rather not everyone will be able to do it easily and quickly.

First, you need to constantly make an exchange for traditional money on centralized exchanges, which can be subject to hacking, secondly, many constantly need to pass identity verification, thirdly, you need to learn how to use it correctly. It would seem that it is quite simple, who is not the first year familiar with cryptocurrencies, but for people who first learned and want to start investing, it is very difficult to buy it.

A great solution to these above problems is proposed a promising platform called Hubrisone!
Hubrisone offers a revolutionary way to promote the digital market by offering an application that combines Bank accounts and cryptocurrencies in one place, that is, it will be enough for the user to attach their debit cards on the platform and immediately buy digital money and vice versa!

The alpha version has already been developed and can be downloaded for Android and iOS operating systems, create a personal account and get a bonus of 1000 tokens, which is now $ 20, they can already be sold on the site https://trade.chaincreator.exchange/#/trade/hbrs-eth. I have already installed myself and I like the wallet interface, now I'll show you some screenshots below:
The price of the token will increase every month, if it is now in February is 0.02$, then in may it will be 0.05$, that is, already now you can buy them to make a profit of 200-250%! When each new account appears, 100 tokens from the reserve are burned and this will allow to influence the growth of the token rate in the future.

The company's marketing is very well thought out and this is not surprising, since the team consists of experienced entrepreneurs from various fields, ranging from the blockchain industry to successful businessmen. HubrisOne tokens rewards its users for various actions as registration of people on the referral link, make a deposit, use the debit card platform.

HBRS tokens are required to gain access to various services such as lending, integration of exchange accounts, compensation of commission fees during operations. All transactions can be tracked under this smart contract https://etherscan.io/token/0x432555e5c898f83fc5f00df631bd9c2801fea289.

I think HubrisOne has a great chance of becoming a conduit between Fiat and digital money, as there are already almost 14,000 people on the white list and the growth potential is only seen exponentially thanks to such benefits. All the necessary links for further study I leave below:


Telegram channel

ANN thread

My BTT link

My BTT username: Aivaryamal

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I love cashback! The company has well thought out marketing, people love bonuses)

The wallet is very simple and clear, it is important for beginners!

It's good that the tokens are already sold on the exchange, unlike many others, who need at least one year for this!

Be sure I will download the app and create an account, 1000 tokens will soon cost $ 50!

The project is really promising and has ambitious goals for the development of the cryptocurrency market!

I will monitor the progress of this project, the advantages over existing ones are impressive!