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Today the issue of stable development of many projects is very acute, because not everyone can get subsidies from the state or loans from banking institutions and this situation does not give rise to a considerable number of interesting, promising and useful companies.

And of course all this can be seen as good options for creating sources of income for many people who are able to take risks and invest money, because let's be honest, most people do not like their work and dream of passive income and it needs to be built for many years.

Venture investments mean investing in startups at the very beginning of their development, support, which can bring huge profit percentages in the future, but you can also lose everything. It is important to carefully approach the choice of companies, many people can not afford one at once to make large sums.

And the solution to the existing problem in this area is offered through the Faba Ltd project, which is developed using blockchain technology. Let's take a closer look at its advantages.
Faba Ltd is developing a unique platform where almost everyone with a small amount of money can become a co-owner of startups and receive dividends from this. All this is controlled by smart contracts that solve the issue of trust and provide full transparency of work.

The team will seriously approach the selection of companies applying for funding and support for development in various areas of life such as medicine, education, agriculture, automotive industry. The proposals will be enough and the participants of the ecosystem can take part in the voting for their choice in the presence of tokens at least 2000.
It is thanks to this idea that new advanced technologies can appear that change people's lives for the better and investors are protected from the opportunity to get to the scammers. Faba Ltd will be able to combine traditional venture investment and cryptocurrency into one single entity, which will help to get a stronger synergistic effect.

Now the sale of tokens in the STO format is carried out and it will be an excellent chance to become micro-shareholders of many profitable companies. In total, 160 million tokens are planned to be sold, unsold ones will be burned, which will affect the token rate.

In my opinion, Faba Ltd creates a very attractive platform that significantly reduces the risks for many parties, facilitates the investment process, allows to realize completely new ideas and the team consists of experienced people with good work in many areas.
I recommend you to get more information on these links below:



WHITEPAPER ON ENGLISH: https://www.faba-white-paper.com/FABA.pdf





UNIQUENESS OF CONTENT 100%: https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5caf09329fc83


Combining cryptocurrency and venture investment is a very reasonable and promising idea

This platform over time think will become very popular

Thank you for the useful article, have been looking for this kind of investment opportunities

I will definitely allocate a part of the Deposit for these tokens)

Investment security is a very important issue today and Faba Ltd will be able to solve it to a large extent

I think that many more interesting projects have not been implemented and such a platform will give them the opportunity to develop

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