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Before each person sooner or later rises is not the easiest task of finding a suitable job. The reasons for this can be very different-earning money, had to change their place of residence, there were disagreements with the leadership and with the team, the desire to receive a large salary.

Even before this point, we go through several stages of training, first General education in schools, then specialization in higher education and spend almost 15 years of his life. A small number of universities and colleges have contracts with enterprises where graduates could be immediately sent for employment and they have to rush in constant search.

Probably almost everyone has felt how hard it is for a beginner to get a good prestigious job, where experience in this field is required or you have to cooperate with intermediary agencies for the selection of vacancies, where employment is not guaranteed, but in any case they ask for payment for it.
And there is always a chance to give money for beautiful promises to all sorts of scammers intermediaries. Only a couple of days ago I had a conversation with my old friend about a job and he was asked to pay for it in the region of $ 550, so there is obviously also a thriving bureaucracy or you need to have good family ties.

The shortcomings in this area are obvious, but do not despair because a global platform called Canlead is already being developed, which is able to eliminate and solve existing problems.
Canlead is geographically created in London and is a decentralized platform for the exchange of business proposals, job vacancies and operates using a referral system that will encourage those who will recommend to their friends, relatives the services of this application.

In other words, Canlead will facilitate direct interaction between potential employees and employers, find talented and experienced professionals in a short period of time, because their results, skills, qualifications will be checked, reliable and recorded in a distributed register, where they are difficult to forge and hack.

This creates a new revolutionary system for finding the necessary vacancies, workers, in which each participant will be interested in its development, as it will be rewarded for the dissemination of information digital tokens of the Cand project. Similar platforms do not exist yet and it easily solves the problem of the territorial barrier and allows you to receive quick payments both for recommendations and for the work performed!
The main means of payment of the platform is the utility token Card of ARC 20 format, which allows you to use the services of the service. And in the near future, the team plans to initial placement of its tokens on several well-known exchanges, see the schedule :

P2PB2B exchange: from September 23 to October 6

SHORTEX exchange: from September 23 to October 6

Vindax exchange: October 3 to 5
Moreover, a competition was held among the first 4,000 customers in the amount of 1000 and Ethereum to participate must fill out this form https://forms.gle/x8jgNP3BHj6AHzLZ7. In my opinion, this company solves the urgent problem of fast and reliable job search for people, and for employers of experienced and highly qualified specialists. All the necessary links for more information leave below:









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Very promising and useful platform for many people!

The team is working hard on the project!

The benefits of this project are obvious, but it will take a long time for the team to fully implement

The team consists of experienced professionals, so let's hope for a successful implementation!

It will be necessary to take part in the IEO, I hope to become one of the winners!

This revolutionary platform will help everyone find new activities or business partners

It is important for everyone to find their vocation and place of work!

I agree, everyone has to spend a lot of time on it

I hope Canlead will be able to eliminate most of the scams from this area!

This will definitely help to solve this urgent problem

Referral system is a competent and effective approach