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Everyone knows that blockchain is our future and crypto is our future digital currency. No one wants dollars,euro or riyal in future everyone wants crypto coins . But this crypto need platform for transaction that is blockchain . Blockchain is getting more hype due to their non hacked system. Today i will tell you the best blockchain that is specially made for fast speed,scability and for our transaction security
Temtum is a new project which is peer to peer cryptocurrency no third party needed.Its a lightweight where everyone can support a temporal blockchain. Everyone have a freedom of sending and receiving money. This project remove the wastage of energy as everyone knows that proof of work requires trillion of pointless energy but in temtum they reduce to a single calculation where each node can independently calculate and arrive at the same.
In temtum blockchain they can do 2000 transaction per second which shows high speed .horizontal and vertical scaling. Moreover they dont need any hardware which saves money they just take 5 blocks per minute. temtum products are given below
They provide you mobile application wallet on both Android and apple. Also provide you keyboard payment means send and receive tems via apps like whatsapp and telegram this shows huge potential in temtum blockchian . Moreover this platform also provide you a web wallet . As temtum can easily transfer via text so its easy for adoption . This provide a best chance for every non crypto user to enter in blockchain through temtum platform
One of the best strongest team behind this project as Dr doug meakin is president of this project this shows that project is leading by much experience man. you dont need to worry about cyber security hacked because tentum is developed by Dragon infosec. They are cryptography and crypto security experts . As they also have a lot of experience in blockchain so they always do what they said
Now i will tell you about their future plans. ISO accreditation in quarter 3rd of 2019.In q4 of 2019 they increase source of randomness . Performance of integrity protocol, delegation in beginning of 2020. Payment system integration in the end of 2020. IN 2021 smart contract will intoduce
Their partners are coinall exchange well known exchange best known by crypto traders.bsi,rpc,walkers,harvex. Most trusted partners with big trusted platform shows high potential
In the crux i just want to said that there are many project that comes every week in crypto but only few projects have potential Temtum is one of those project high speed, fully secured provide you a financial freedom . So you should be a par of this project . Thanks for reading this article
website link : https://temtum.com/#advancement
whitepaper link : https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf