Namecheap Review

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Namecheap the Good and the Bad

Hi I would like to review and share my experience about this company. Namecheap was good at first but when it comes to acquiring another dedicated IP here comes the trouble. So I asked the support kindly to buy one new dedicated IP since I don't have one even the package said dedicated server but can't see one IP inside at all just the custom IP they provided don't even know if it is dedicated or not. First month was good the support are kind and easy going but here comes second month problem. I tried to create an account for a new domain with a package that was checked on a dedicated IP but failed cause I don't have one so I went straight to support for help. They said I need to fillup a justification form cause ip4 is becoming rare on earth meaning scarcity like gold what a hassle I checked it and gave up at first cause it asked too much on the form where I don't even understand some of the questions. But when I really needed the 1 dedicated IP badly I contacted them again for a second chance so I filled up the form submit and their respond is, sorry we can't provide you blah blah cuase you did not fill up the domain. Then second time I fill up it again this time they said, your reason is not enough please fill it more. Then third time I filled all the blank and submitted again then they answered, sorry but we can't provide you it is not enough. For real! I screamed, what did I do to deserve that? So I become very frustated and wrote a harsh but honest reply. I said that I should write a blog about this service and give them a negative review cause they can't fulfill what we paid for. Then I gave my whm root and password cause they think they can or might fix it rather than providing me a 1 damn IP. After 6 hours our website is acting weird now it redirect to a doubler money scam site. So asked them what happen then they answered we will check into it. Now it cause a massive hysteria of trust going down because of that action it created a doubt and panic inside our team and the project website. I trust my team more than this namecheap hosting support why would someone from namecheap change the redirecting url of my site into a scam site cause I said I will give a negative review is that their respond then let me return the favor asap. Now our domain is gone too, it was deactivated by one of our guy thinking it is the best solution for that false redirecting url when I'm asleep. Hope we can still recover it our website is down now amd maybe lost the data on it forever since I forgot to back it up because of an IP that can't be provided where it's easy to obtain on other hosting site like godaddy as my friend told me? So here I am writing this review for the next customers of namecheap be warned. My opinion is, what an unprofessional move this is kinda disappointing now I guess it's time to find a better and professional hosting company and wait for them to mature a bit more before returning. I really hope they can fix that IP issue and be a good hosting and registrar company again. What I like is they accept cryptocurrency for us believer in the blockchain revolution. Peace!