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Since the creation of Bitcoin, the first digital currency on Blockchain, we have seen many Blockchain projects that have used Blockchain technology to revolutionized the gaming industry by combining game with Crypto. So, if we look it from this angle, Sgame Pro is hardly a new concept that you have never heard of or a concept on Blockchain that will amazed you and makes you take a swift decision to join the project without having a second thought. However, even as it as a common business concept, there is still a need for us to check it out and see if it worth our time and investment.

The question now should be what is Sgame Pro? As I mentioned before, Sgame Pro aim to combine Crypto with game by creating a platform which combine playing game and mining of Cryptocurrency together through a specially created mobile game aggregator. And with this, an average game player will be able to mine tokens which can be sold at any by merely playing game.

Sgame Pro is a well established company that is owned by Sgame SA a Swiss basedcompany (the “Company”). Under development since 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads without spending money on advertisement. You can earn token by doing any of the following in the platform:

By playing iOS and Android from mobile games from many world’s best Publishers
Playing with other players
Streaming their Challenges to millions of Players
Engaging in targeted actions via a personalized Offer Wall

As a player on Sgame Pro platform, you will be able to buy all kinds of digital and physical products on the internal Sgame Pro marketplace and on digital stores of game publishers and you will also be able to transfer SGM from their internal Sgame Pro wallet account to their external ERC20 wallet address.

Token Economy

One of Sgame Pro’s major technical innovations is the advent of the Proof of Play protocol. Proof of Play is the mechanism by which Sgame Pro determines consensus as to whether enough ‘play’ has been performed to mine a “Play-Block”, releasing the associated SGM block reward to the Player. This works similarly to Proof of Work where computational effort by miners is rewarded. Play-Blocks are defined as a set of actions that, if completed, generate a block reward in SGM. Play-Blocks vary by level, which determines the amount of ‘play’ required and the size of the SGM block reward. Initially there will be two types of actions in a Play-Block: Time Actions and Offer Wall Actions. Sgame Pro determines the value of Play-Blocks, which may fluctuate over time, but the Player will always know the SGM block reward size in advance.

Uniqueness Of Sgame Pro

Sgame Pro is highly unique from other platform that are working on same business concept, the experience of the team in the gaming and Blockchain industry is a competitive advantage. The platform is not just a whitepaper project, they have an established business already. Another advantage of the platform is the way in which people can still play the games they like and yet they are rewarded in more ways than just the fun aspect. The platform is exceptionally easy to use, all you just need is to login into your account and play your favorite games. so even an amateur gamer with limited blockchain knowledge is going to see that they can join immediately.

Useful Links

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