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When bitcoin launched, it was a deal breaker. It proved too big a deal in the high-tech sphere. A huge revolution was launched on standing paradigms, bringing about new methods of carrying out transactions, ensuring and guaranteeing safety of all involved in the transactions and more importantly creating a thoroughly decentralized business ecosystem.

It is not a new thing that Reliability and trust has been an issue as far as crypto and finances are concerned, many argue that trust is pivotal to any successful financial venture. Yes, this is indeed a very truth!. Bitcoin proved its worth, unbeatable security setting, incredible design and more.

However, extras are always the deal about novelties. EMERCOIN leverages on bitcoins exceptional system to build an instructive yet revolutionary ecosystem, housing an array of add-ons to the original bitcoin offerings with super reliability and very importantly elasticity which sets it ahead of others.

In this content, my focus shall be on the EmerSSL which is a technological feature/solutions in the EMERCOIN ecosytem. After which I shall brief in what the general Emercoin ecosystem entails and it's general functionality.


EMERSSL is a platform for passwordless website
authentication utilizing the Emercoin blockchain as a decentralized and trusted store of hash sums for client SSL
certificates. This SSL Certificates can be gotten by users on their
own computers, without any central authority, and quickly
replaced as needed. This makes the ecosystem effective for
both scheduled updates and rapid recalls of compromised

Interestingly,the EmerSSL also enables and enhances the complete decentralization of the
system. That is to say, there is no single entity controlling
the authentication, unlike in systems such as Kerberos,
OpenID, TeddyID, and the like. Thus, EmerSSL cannot suffer
a system-wide service disruption whether due to technical
failure or through a malicious attack on the servers. Neither
can a user’s account be globally suspended at the whim of
a single authority[NUL].

Associated with the EmerSSL technology is EmerSSL
InfoCard also known as “business card” system. This infocard complements the
EmerSSL's passwordless logins with website form
autocompletion based on the data residing on the
Emercoin blockchain.


Emercoin is an emerging leader in secure, distributed
blockchain business services which utilizes the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC)
to perform a variety of services. Offering some of the most
innovative, real-world solutions. The Emercoin Blockchain is
the premier public blockchain for secure, decentralized
business operations.


The Emer coins block chain boasts of being the foremost community blockchain which ensures a truly safe and decentralized business operation.

Hence, through this emer coins currency, the public gains access to diverse services.

Furthermore, the Emercoins gives a lot for just too little. Its ground-breaking data organization system ensures that the humongous services rendered by the system are run efficiently, accessing valuable data away from much technicalities. Emercoin presents a blockchain enabled platform serving as an ecosystem for an extensive array of distributed reliable services. Taking center point among these is the Emercoin NVS. This innovation makes for the possibility for the arbitrary storage of name value and value pairs on the block chain.

In three steps Emercoin offers

  • Flexibility: this entails ease and simplistic approach the system presents to aid storage arbitrary data within the block chain.

  • Reliability: Confidence on the system is key for which Emercoin understands, hence its assurance of 6% return per annum through its proof of stake mining, which is its main mining mechanism while also supporting other alternatives.

  • Security: emercoin will give its all to ensure a secure system for all, reason it ensures all its promise of flexibility will never with a safe and secure clime for transactions hence it makes strong efforts in this regard.


Security, trust and ease of business and decentralized platform are all pivotal to a thriving crypto or block chain enabled system. Without these essentials, every endeavor or system launched in the crypto sphere is walk in the dark. An instance is Smart contracts; it has seen huge scams perpetrated on it owing to several lapses leading to lose of capitals. Furthermore, is the absence or presence of mining capacity which is a scare to this industry. To address all these problems came the advent of Emercoin.

In capping it all, Emercoin provides, a wide variety of SOLUTIONS through its several offerings eg…

  • A digital certificate validator EMERDPO.

  • The Emer DNS ensures sole authority of every user over their records.

  • Importantly,Emer Ssl, which gives top notch security over attacks.

  • The presence of a p2p text enabled ad system on the network
    These and many more are offered on the Emercoin system.


Emercoin had since 2013 developed and enhanced a wide range of easy-to-use dSDKs globally. With its dSDK, Decentralized Software Development Kit which is a set of software development tools that allows the creation of software, services and solutions Emercoin is sure the game changer. The very big thing happening in the crypto space. An investment with EMERCOIN platform is sure a fortune, an opportunity not to toil with!

Check out the useful links below for more information about the EMERCOIN project;

Official website: =>https://emercoin.com/en

Official Telegram group: => https://t.me/emercoin_official

Official twitter page: https://twitter.com/emercoin_press

Bitcointalk; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=362513.0

Email: [email protected]

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