Blockchain and preservation of the environment.

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Hello, everyone!

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrencies have changed the world. All aspects of our life were changed with appearance of Bitcoin — economics, technologies, society.


But I am sure that a few people consider its impact on the environment. It is natural, that resources are required for functioning of the networks. Electricity is the main resource after the computational power. In 2015 the members of BitcoinEmissions program did some estimations and found out that generation of one Bitcoin releases 1600 kilograms of carbon dioxide. I think you would agree, that it is quite a bit.

What I am talking about? I am sure, that all Steemit users can contribute to preservation of the environment. And our number is significant enough.

Here are a few of measures to reduce our carbon footprint:

  1. Unplug the devices, when you aren't using them. On top of lowering your bills it would reduce the CO2 emission by 567 kilograms per year.
  2. Set up and use power saving settings on you computer. Making it go to sleep after 15 minutes of idleness would reduce the missions by 241 kg per year.
  3. When driving your car and enjoying the ride do not drive faster than 56 miles per hour. On top of fuel savings, the CO2 emissions would decrease by 300 kg per year.
  4. Use the energy efficient LED lightbulbs, that would decrease the emissions by 337 kg per year.

As you can see, those simple measures would enable you to make the world a little better and preserve it for the future generations.

And last, but not least — use graphene based blockchains, since they require significantly less computational resources and electricity, than PoW based blockchains.

Thank you for your attention!

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Translated by @xanoxt

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