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This article is based on my personal review on the stated project, its not an investment advise but a guide to give investors on some notable ICOs that may likely make remarkable impact on the blockchain industry.

Privacy, a word that's associated with a state of being free from the public. It's an intricate part of us which we don't intend to share with anyone but nowadays, it seems everyone intends to have access to such private data in other to use it maliciously or earn from it without the consent of the owner. Most of such data are stored online, which is now a global phenomenon and makes it easily accessible by a third-party. The internet is unsafe, even with protection we still get to witness heart wrenching situations whereby online assets are carted away by hackers, apps now access our private information without our permission and our data is left without adequate and sustainable protection.

Darrell Issa stated that "every ISP is being attacked, maliciously both in the United States and outside of the United States, by those who want to invade people’s privacy. But more importantly they want to take control of computers, they want to hack them, they want to steal information."

The above quote has given us a clear picture of how unsafe the internet is and statistics has shown that the internet is
underutilized because of the dangers that comes with it and the trauma that many has experienced as a result of the breach of their precious data but the question still remains, what's the solution to the problem?

COVA is a brand that intends to create an internet of smart data, built using the blockchain technology , such can be able to keep secrets, learn from its user and tends to change the internet as we know it, a pretty complicated concept but has been simplified by the team to address the challenges of insecurity of data. The sending of data involves the movement of information from one point to another but there's no guarantee that the data will safely reach its destination without it being abused and the current internet protocol is unsafe as intellectual property infringements, unwanted advertisements, election manipulations, digital footprints, and spam are all negative effects from the lack of adequate
internet protocol in the present day system.

Cova defines data as mindless and as such, they intend to give our data minds of their own, to follow stipulated instructions based on the users preferences, the globe needs a new internet protocol and Cova is here to offer us such with enforceable policies that will see to it that dissemination of information is done in the most serene and safe environment, by building a new internet protocol, an ecosystem of sufficient and robust interconnected network, providing users with the necessary tools to stay safe. This is achieved through 3 parts which are the essential components upon which Cova is built, they are : TEE, which will be the network, a new programming language from the cova team known as centrifuge and a new virtual machine called CovaVM.

The usability of Cova's concept is phenomenon as it cuts across everything that has to do with our being online, from business transactions to sending of emails, you can easily track your product(s)/ services and decides on the particular number of individuals you want to have access to it, erase your credit card details when used because the details of your credit card is left once used and a third-party can have access to it. The user case scenario can go on and on and the brand has attracted renowned hackers, a team of top engineers award winners, veteran Harvard coders, not to mention huge investments from top brands, an indication that Cova is a welcome development.

The development of the brand is progressing at an outstanding rate, they have finished implementing their routing and compute node gossip network protocol and a whole lot of other key features. Cova is building a strong community by constantly doing meetups across the globe and educating the community about their brand, bridging any communication gap between them and the community, with a team of experts handling the affairs of the brand, its only a matter of time before Cova becomes a household name. To know more about Cova and join the community, do click on any of the links below.

COVA’s Official Telegram Group:

COVA’s Twitter:

COVA’s Medium:


COVA’s white paper:

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