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Usechain platform is based on a protocol of identification the mirrors, which are joined with the new platforms using innovation technologies. The project is mainly aimed to eradicate the delays of the developments based on blockchain and to provide the ideal balance between scalability, safety and decentralization. Because of the ecosystem of blockchain projects is instantly growing, so it will be necessary to join the thousands of applications and the reliable system of proving and identification will be very important for the safe working in the social networks.

Because of ecosystem of the chief data improving, which are designed by the events and people, all of actions in the network are trusted and irreversible. Usechain has the row of conditions that are used for providing the basic level of safety and confidence between the ID and anonymous social blockchain.

According such principle, system gives the tools, supplying the decentralized applications are useful in different spheres. In the same time, it will be the separation between the ID system and personal based on proving the no-divulgation.

The official platform token is called UST. It is formed on the ERC-20 standard Ethereum’s blockchain. All of the users can buy the monetary means of payment during ICO.
The chief purpose of the token creation is to provide everybody the possibility to take part in the community evolution. Token will also be used for the awarding of the creators and the system users for the whole increasing of ecosystem. It will allow each token’s owner use the decentralized applications.

The platform developers are aimed to the introduction of a new consensus mechanism and random algorithm of proving the work compliance. It is necessary for achieving of the ideal balance and high level of efficiency.
Usechain as new generation of blockchain will use the multilevel methods of the cryptography and authentication, such a virtual identification machine with the no-divulgation proving and the upgraded possibilities of smart-contracts and other innovation technologies.

Usechain has a lot of advantages as another blockchain projects:

  1. The system will use the safety infrastructure which is focused on one and only means of the comparing ID. It gives the advantage above another similar services which demand the ID.
  2. The system consumes the minimum of resources and low energy consumption.
  3. Because of the technical characteristics of the system it can decrease the dependence of hashrate that allows to save the computing resources.
  4. The system uses the high quality resources for the system evolution with the participation of the membership. It opens the opportunity for the association of different applications and leading companies.
  5. Usechain tries to produce the first mirror system with its own identification system, which will become the global platform with the variety of applications, the biggest communities, and the advanced technology. Afterwards, all of the members will be awarded according to their share in ecosystem evolution that will allow to give back the money and lost time or the origin actives for the users. It will eliminate the domination of monopoly giant companies in modern society.

The Usechain developers created the stimulating program for all interested persons to induce the potential members of the future platform to understand the principles and purposes of the system. It envisages the special system of rewards which started from May 2018 and will finish 16th of May 2010.

The initiative envisages help in promotion by the publication of original content in that resources such Bitcointalk, Telegram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many other. It is allowed to use the following languages while placing the content – Korean, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese and French.
The total amount of requests for taking part in the program will be 40 million. So, if the total requests will exceed this amount, the developers create a special formula for rewards.
The main rules of membership in the system:

  • All of the members must be 18
  • To take part in the project all users must join the telegram and fill the registration form
  • Usechain team can change the rules or correct them.
  • All of the tokens will be paid using the Etherium wallet after the finishing of the program.

The Usechain developers aimed for using the variety of innovation technologies such as RPOW, multilevel blockchain network, and the integration with different state structures while creating the global system of identification. The future system can become unique for different decentralized applications in spheres of internet things, computer games and a lot of others.

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a very interesting proposal which is being done

Thank you for being interested.

Do you know if they are doing an airdrop?

unfortunately the airdrop is already closed.

Awh okay, thanks for the reply.

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