Seele is a new generation multifunctional blockchain.

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Seele is located in a HADAX roster, which is belonged to the Huobi, the huge exchange market in China. Bidding on Seele / BTC pairs, Seele / ETH deal go to HADAX since May 29, 2018.
Now in HADAX:

Seele Token PriceROI Since ICO
$0.2953299.13 x USD
0.0004992047 ETH6.25 x ETH
0.00003866 BTC8.83 x BTC

24h Volume: 330 BTC or $2,500,000

Seele was developed to create the Blockchain 4.0. In a whole, blockchain Seele consists of a lot blockchains, and each of them is responsible for the particular operation, for example, in blockchain “storage” they are only store files, and blockchain “finance” only financial operations are performed. The Neural Network is responsible for the steady working. All the calculation will be produced at the same time, so, the final consensus will be as soon as possible, because of Neural Network application. As more users will take part in consensus confirmation as faster it will be accepted.

Today Seele reached a very good results in ecosystem development, digital technology evolution and the developing of networks communities.

As for the blockchain ecosystems achievements, the project has recently united with Edinburg University in GB and the Beihang laboratory in China which is working under the development of software. The project also has a partnership with the Moorfields, one of the best ophthalmic centers in the world, for the checking of application the blockchain in medicine.

Digital technology evolution
The main technology aspects which are used in the Seele system for completing the tasks are:

  1. The Neural-Consensus Algorithm (it is also called E-differential algorithm, EDA). The system of the consensus achievement used the best from blockchain technologies of previous generations and it is complemented by this algorithm, which is based on the positive integers. It helps to reach the consensus by means of independence sort and asynchronous of data analysis for the big amount of links in network.
  2. Heterogeneous Forest Network (HFN). The Seele blockhain has a tree structure. It means that network consists of subnetworks or blockchains and work as a whole.
  3. VLAN Trunking Protocols (VTP) and the chains of meanings (VHTTP). VTP is based on HFN structure and is responsible for identification and creation of the digital network active’s routes.
  4. Quick Value Internet Connection (QVIC). It is increase the speed of the connection inside the network, and is expected to substitute standard data transfer protocols, such as TCP and UDP. During the tests while using QVIC the speed of transfer 1 Gb of data was increased from 100 kb per second to 1 Mb per second.
  5. The project reached the speed to 3000 TPS while Bitcoin and Etherium are much lower.

The increasing of faithful admirers
The total amount of users is more than 28000 in Telegram and 12000 in Twitter, and it is always rises last three months. The important fact that a lot of celebrities join the network too, that makes a good marketing for the community.

Because of the Seele technologies, the developers are aimed to intrude the following spheres of market:

  1. The internet of things
  2. Social networks
  3. Computer games
  4. Medicine
  5. Banking
  6. State networks

In comparing with other blockchain technologies, Seele doesn’t try to involve the high costed famous professional developers, but try to find the gifted creators among the ordinary users and members of the communities by the active search. And all of us knows how complicated to find talented and high-skilled professionals because a lot of developers don’t have enough experience in so young sphere of cryptography. The other problem are the huge companies such as Google, Facebook and others who always hire such talented people by offering them good salaries. But still the code on GithUb is constantly updated and improved.
So, one of the most important steps in Seele’s evolution is the creation the branches in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to be in full contact with skilled professional and try to get food partners.

The main advantages of Seele are:

  1. High speed of the operations inside the network, morr than 1 mln per second.
  2. The multi-sphere application. It is a big problem today, because nobody sure that, for example, medicine will use this technology, but developers try to adapt the system for each sphere.
  3. New technologies. Seele now is quite ready to present the efficiency version of the application and the detailed instruction for it.

The tokens called Seele and they aimed to involve as much users as possible. From the words of developers, mining as such as not provided, but each member of the community will be awarded for the reached consensus and the amounts of generated blocks. The final level of creation the application and supports are declared to the 4th quarter of 2018.
So, it is necessary to wait the test version of application at the end of 2018 and appreciate the possibilities of the system yourself. Now everybody hopes that the project will work as good as developer plans.

It is a very interesting project because it is going to cover different spheres of market, but the concept of introducing in the concrete part is being still designed. The idea of the project is perfect so, the introduction the new technologies and creating of blockchain 4.0 is very attractive for the investments. And the absent of requires for high upgraded computers for mining will help to involve a lot of member of the community.

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