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Managing financial assets and its industries has been one of the tedious works in the past years before the use of BLOCKCHAIN technology. BLOCKCHAIN technology has been the greatest innovation of this century in which its impact has been overwhelming in all aspect applied.

The previous payment methods used has been criticized by elites in the world as a result of difficulties facing the payment method. This is why new project known as BITENNY has introduced another method through the launch of its project which will help lowering the risks involved in crypto-currency investment through the use of its AI-enabled wallet and some other great features to be discussed below.

The introduction of digital payment system has changed the MASTERCARD payment and installment frameworks. It has been observed that some countries have set up frameworks in such a way that transactions and payment can be make freely in the country. Most importantly, these types of payment options that begin with credit wouldnt be long before it finally occur on crypto-currency frameworks. The main thing that should be done is to quicken the BLOCKCHAIN tasks.


Unavailability of required software for transactions and payment has been the major problem facing the previous payment method and theis is why BITTENY will allow its wallet to be stored installed on the users device and it can be connected with another users to make quick payment and transaction.

Well known crypto-currency frameworks state that this system of card transaction frameworks at are the point at which the system is not fully used, however this isn't genuine. This isn't the situation when the system structure is thick or if the small scale handling on the PC increases. The crypto currency market has a very long way to go. In contrast to banks, client security is done with their own endeavors. Regardless, bank clients in their records if the cash in the banks request their rights, yet this is beyond the realm of imagination in crypto frameworks. It is practically unimaginable for clients to get to these wallets if their private wallet passwords are lost. Numerous crypto currency projects are still a threat to clients, despite the fact that new method like mnemonic words are being actualized to take care of this issue.


Accessibility and Simplicity has been another problem affecting the current payment system which BITENNY will solve through the use of BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION, ULTRA SECURE WALLET, and the use of PIN. The secure will system will involve the fastest KYC method which will help in securing the system and users funds.
BITTENY has built up a new project with the goal that more individuals and organizations can concentrate on crypto-currency networks and utilize an increasingly settled system. To guarantee the security of clients, BITTENY has constantly actualized a voice activation method as opposed to getting to wallets through private keys. This activation method enables clients to safely get to their wallets by replicating simple text methods.

BITENNY will be helpful in crypto-currency one time payments, recurring digital payments, trading of crypto-currency, P2Ps for online merchants and likewise provision of digital wallets for bricks and mortar merchants
PRALLY has been the main backbones behind this great project. Propelled by the nerve neurons in the human body, this framework enables the client to screen a wide range of developments by man-made bots. Regardless, clients who enter the shop for shopping or web based business frameworks just need to point their telephones at the applicable screens. The framework perceives the costs on the online business website and enables the client to pay on the most suitable crypto cash.

BITTENY, which takes the exchanging costs of more than 50 digital forms of money in the system from the trades, enables the client to pay under the most ideal conditions.

BITENNY platform aims to unite the general financial specialist and the crypto-currency frameworks. With BITENNY, clients can make regularly scheduled installments or charges through this framework. Just clients who make installments on a one-time premise and enrolled it to the BITENNY framework can perform it naturally later on. At first it was designed with English language, but can be converted into different languages and dialects ​​at a later stage.


BITENNY has introduced its own token which is a utility that will be used in the platform for payment of goods and services, it will be used as exchange medium between crypto and FIAT which this will help increasing the value of BTNY token.

Token Name => BTNY
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 1,000,000,000 BTNY
Token Price => $0.07

Bitteny is no doubt will be tge best project because of the feature of this project coupled with the team of expert in the field of software and AI. A.I, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning features of BITENNY will make it great
Detection of fraud by the AI will also make Bitenny project a great project.

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