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If one is not yet associated with blockchain technology and its activities in anyway possible, then that person is missing a whole lot.
In the world today, blockchain has made money related transactions cheaper and easier with no Intermediary in all aspects. In addition to that, funds or assets security is also not left out as blockchain ensure that users within any blockchain platform have ultimate control of their assets through this way protecting themselves as well as their funds from prying eyes. This prying eyes is what is filled in centralized platforms. Not only that, there are other issues which include data manipulation, cyber attacks etc.
In the same way, in the world today, the e-commerce industry has been booming tremendously while showing serious signs of enhancement, without which it will not attain the required growth if not in accordance with the trending technology in the world today (blockchain).
Therefore a team of experts aims to leverage blockchain thus changing many things associated with the centralized e-commerce platform as well as current blockchain platform which are yet to offer merchants the required services they long for.
It is worthy to know that some of the issues limiting e-commerce is rising inflation, third-party applications which have succeeded in only increasing charges thus making life uncomfortable for participants, trade wars etc.


Chimpion is a great project offering e-commerce solutions to the underserved within the current e-commerce Industry. Chimpion got its name from Champion, that is to say it aims to triumph over issues which have limited e-commerce as well as cryptocurrency from getting the required attention.
Owing to the potential of blockchain technology, Chimpion will leverage it so as to result in a transparent and trustless e-commerce platform which is very necessary to drive the progress of the e-commerce industry as a whole.

Why Chimpion Is Highly Relevant

  1. Chimpion blockchain platform is just the answer for the absence of transparency and the absence of a trustless environment in the present e-commerce ecosystem.
  2. With Chimpion blockchain solutions, e-commerce transactions are executed in a trustless and transparent manner, this is so because in utilizing the blockchain technology, no party involved in the process of the transaction can singlehandedly manipulate or capture the whole process, also every party involved holds a duplicate of the exchange or transaction details in real-time.
  3. Payment made utilizing the Chimpion cryptocurrency technology is on a peer-to-peer basis, hence in utilizing the Chimpion cryptocurrency solution as a means of payment in executing e-commerce orders will help e-commerce merchants to sidestep their worries on their customers' true identity and intentions because both the e-commerce merchant and the buyer who created a purchase with the crypto keeps up a record of the transactions anytime since it is executed over the blockchain technology.
  4. With Chimpion and thus blockchain the delays associated with fiat based e-commerce platforms as a result of identity clearance becomes a relic of times gone.
  5. Equally the issue of misrepresentation either in favour of the e-commerce merchant or the buyer is presently factored out while utilizing Chimpion cryptocurrency in executing e-commerce trade, which can also be attributed to blockchain technology.


There are two tokens within Chimpion platform, CHIMP and BNANA, these tokens helps to keep up the activities of the Chimpion blockchain.
a. The CHIMP token is a utility token meant to reward e-commerce merchants who embrace Chimpion cryptocurrency in their e-commerce activities and platforms.
b. BNANA token is a reward earned by buyers who purchase products of the e-commerce merchants either with CHIMP or some other cryptocurrency, likewise, these earned BNANA crypto assets could serve as a gateway to earn special offers.
Furthermore, BNANA has an all-out supply of 100billion, of which more than half of its all-out supply would be distributed through bounties that promotes the mission of the Chimpion blockchain based arrangement.



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