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Introducing Mining, Its Advantages And Limitations
It is a true fact that anyone who has gotten associated with the crypto space must have heard about cryptocurrency mining. Even if the fellow isn't a blockchain enthusiast, there are chances of him/her seeing news and adverts about mining on the internet.
Blockchain technology comes with decentralization, smart contracts and host of other possibilities which mining is included. Mining, on the other hand, is yet another way of acquiring cryptocurrency of choice.
Crypto mining can be done in various ways either through Home mining, Cloud mining and Industrial mining; just as they are different so is their issues.
A study carried out has shown that Home mining is not profitable in any way, this lack of profitability can be likened to its high electricity cost.
The second type of mining known as Cloud mining is only efficient for private individuals with its issues or limitations being that it lacks transparency in as much as there is lack of control over the mining equipment and its maintenance. Furthermore, Cloud mining is limited by lack of contact with equipment suppliers, no idea of mining capacity, the anonymous location of the mining facility, and lack of appropriate overview on associated costs.
In addition, the last type of mining known as Industrial mining has shown advantageous signs as it has proven to be profitable, thus being a type of mining for corporate businesses. Owing to its way of mining via the aid of ASICs mining hardware, Industrial mining has also proven to be lucrative, thus making it the next big thing in mining business as miners, mining groups etc keeps getting involved. But even at all these advantages, Industrial mining has its limitations too, such as demanding a high amount of money for set up. It costs a lot to manage and due to these costs, Industrial mining has been inaccessible to some private miners and companies.
Furthermore, Industrial mining demands a high level of expertise and resources with electricity consumption being huge, even at wholesale buying of electricity, the cost is still high.

From all these, one big question might arise, does it mean we have to forget about crypto mining? The answer is No, rather there is a need for enhancement while looking for a more better and cost-effective way. And this is what a Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) platform known as BatMine aims to bring to all and sundry.
That is to say, BatMine aims to be an Industrial Scale Mining Farm which will be crowdfunded thus resulting in a top-notch mining facility which will be beneficial and profitable.



BatMine is a top-notch mining facility which will be developed to satisfy the needs and urge of crypto miners. By being a Blockchain Applied Technology (BAT) platform, BatMine will be efficient, which is achieved owing to the fact it is driven by efficient cyber artisans and blockchain experts.
In the same way, owing to the fact climatic conditions is relevant in crypto mining, BatMine tends to develop its platform in the Czech Republic, this is because, the Czech Republic has a low-cost energy rate, good economy and efficient legal services which will enable BatMine to reward its members duly.

Why BatMine Is Considered The Way Out
BatMine being piloted by a team with relevant experience will result to an advanced, sustainable, profitable and fastest cryptocurrency mining company ever which will be open to all who wishes to be members with no restrictions whatsoever as blockchain technology has taken care of it.

To ensures there is high-performance and quality services, BatMine will be a singular platform utilizing innovative and high capacity mining equipment which will be used for BTC, LTC, ETH etc.
For BTC mining, BatMine will use the upcoming miners which use low electricity consumption and features up to 55Th/s.
While for LTC and ETH, BatMine will use a chip with features low energy consumption as well as 10nm, 5M scrypt hash per chip.
In addition with working with innovative chips and miners, BatMine aims to be the leader in miner business; this will be achieved by working closely with first-class chip and miner producers, and by working with their research and development team BatMine will create the aforementioned chip and miner for LTC and ETH. This chip and miner will also be sold to the market.

Furthermore, BatMine also offers outstanding services such as;
a. Mining as a Service (MaaS) which will be for members who don't want to own mining equipment but wishes to participate in mining activities.
b. Custodial Services for members who have mining equipment but needs experts who can manage it for them.
c. Hardware Sales which involves the selling of miners and chips, while investors get a share of the profit.
d. Mining of cryptocurrencies through which BTC, ETH, LTC and other Proof-of-Work coins will be mined.



BatMine aims to offer a lucrative and profitable way of mining which is achieved by combining low electricity cost, high hash speeds and low electricity usage per miner.
The BatMine token will be based on Ethereum blockchain and will have a total supply of 350million. This token, BATM will be used to exchange services within the BatMine platform.








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