GSC Platform ERP 3.0 - A blockchain backed supply chain management software for business automation

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The purchasing arm of any Company is fundamentally the principal arm of the business. The purchasers and clients are the most essential sector in a business and it's basic that organizations find new and imaginative approaches to address their issues. Such a large number of components can negatively affect the buying intensity of organizations. The following are some of the issues;

  1. Requests being made by error.
  2. A few suppliers can be extremely inflexible.
  3. Because of specific components, purchasing can surpass the financial plans made for it.
  4. There are instances of damaged merchandise.

These are only a couple of the issues confronting the Purchasing area of organizations. This unit is the connection between the purchaser and provider and must be on its toes unfailingly. It's basic that both the purchaser and provider are dealt with reasonably and they ought to likewise be steady for any organization to develop. There must be straightforwardness, speed, security and furthermore robotization for the smooth running of the unit. In the event that these are not set up, there can be immense misfortunes and even an extreme decrease in deals which will adversely affect the organization success and so forth. The traditional strategies have turned out to be ineffectual and this is the reason Genesis Supply Chain platform with the Blockchain as its backbone plans to enhance the acquiring intensity of organizations.

The GSC Platform was shaped out of a requirement for shrewd buying power by Companies. It depends on the Blockchain Technology which as we as a whole know is the best innovation of the most recent decade with the speed, straightforwardness, and numerous different highlights. The GSC platform will make utilization of the GSC ERP 3.0 Blockchain innovation as its base.

The ERP 3.0 Blockchain innovation is a purchase programming tool which can be utilized on the go. Organizations would now be able to flaunt a simple to utilize Software that can be effectively set up by anybody. It will radically lessen the time utilized for sourcing and buying and furthermore cost effective. This Platform benefits Companies in such a large number of ways like effectively alleviate against validation issues, forging, and mechanical surveillance. There are three primary highlights which all shape the center of the GSC ERP 3.0.

Smart Purchases.
The Blockchains' principle highlight is its savvy contract. With the GSC smart contract purchase feature, clients can deal with their requests effectively utilizing the Blockchain. With the "Trustless" component of smart contracts, there is no requirement for an outsider or middle people amid dealings.

The smart purchase feature is made progressively famous with the capacity for instant payment when the terms of the assertion have been satisfied. Charges are as insignificant as would be prudent.

The smart contracts keep running in a mechanized way which doesn't give space for obstruction from an outsider.

IT Platform.
This is a simple to peruse dashboard where buyers can see and track deals progressively. Providers portfolios can be seen and followed to have a thought of their execution and stock. This will give the buyer a thought of when and what to buy and can be guaranteed of fast speed of delivery.

With the GSC Platform, mechanical spying or secret activities and subverting are fundamentally nonexistent. With the Decentralization Blockchain Database, the information put away by providers is permanent and secure. This information can be put away for whatever length of time that conceivable in the most secure condition conceivable.

Parts Traceability.
It is pertinent that purchases can be followed as they are being conveyed in a transparent manner, and this is what GSC Parts Traceability becomes possibly the most important factor.

With the information/part authentication which is actualized into the blockchain, providers are guaranteed of the safety of their items and this gives shoppers confirmation that their requests aren't falsified.

Clients are allowed to certify providers. They can approve the information/endorsement which gives the platform and providers notoriety of straightforwardness and effectiveness.

Token Sale
KYC is required for contributors.
Private sales start at $0.025 and the final round sale price will be $0.07 per token. Contributing early will be beneficial for us.

Sales Timeline.
Private Sale: August 4th - August 31st. The minimum purchase is $1000 and there is no maximum. $0.025 per token with a 50% token bonus.

Presale: September 1 - September 23. Minimum purchase $1000. $0.03 per token with a 40% bonus.

Public Sale Stage 1: September 24 - November 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.04 per token with a 15% bonus.

Public Sale Stage 2: November 24 - January 23. Minimum purchase $100. $0.05 per token with a 5% bonus.

Public Sale Final Stage: January 24 - February 27. Minimum purchase $100. $0.07 per token.

Unsold Tokens will be burned which will ultimately increase the value of the token.

Soft cap - $4m

Details of the token sale can be found on the Website and Whitepaper.


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