Blockchain Development Stagnation in GOLOS

New Technologies at the heart of the system make STEEM more reliable, capable and responsive and lay the foundation for future innovations. STEEM 19.2 also refines the features and apps you use every day. It’s STEEM at its highest level yet.

Golos on the other hand, are still on an old beta-version of STEEM, known as Version 16.3.

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Screenshot 2017-11-06 15.22.00.png

What CEO of GOLOS has to say - What I respond

Screenshot 2017-11-08 22.27.53.png

GOLOS has only managed to get 80,000 accounts registered since they started, while STEEM has over 430K accounts. Worth looking into for everyone who are a co-owner of GOLOS, STEEM or both!

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I don't even know why Golos exists. Why don't Russians just use Steem? No point having 2 separate but identical blockchain projects . If they actually try and do something significantly different then yes I might give them a 2nd look....but as it is now it is just a crappy clone.
Wouldn't it be better to just create a SteemRus site that only displays posts with a Rus tag ? no need for a separate blockchain for every language.

In my opinion it's getting better now and the flaws it had before did not really last too long a lot of people were just complaining . There's so much more to come but people just have to wait and let time fix it all

And 78`000 accounts there are dead fish.
Only 2000 active accs.

great efforts @fyrstikken, thanks for updating useful informations. appreciations and dupport for your efforts for the promotion and development of steemit. always hope for the best.
Steem On..!

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I hope GOLOS owners will reconsider their position and develop the network in a better way.

Great blog...
thank for share...

really nice video I like this..


not golos, but
there are options for russians to open platform.

That's very interesting @fyrstikken, I was wondering why suddenly Golos does not accept user&pass from Steemit. Thank you.

golos is a dead network.

Golos on the other hand, are still on an old beta-version of STEEM, known as Version 16.3.

This is great, in my opinion. Perhaps they won't make the same mistakes that were made with Steem in hard forks 17 and 19.

There's still hope.

Thanks for sharing :)

Why is Steem's "Blocktrade" charging 11 Steem just to convert your Steem to bitcoin? Isn't this a bit insanely high commission? How do you transfer a small amount of Steem out of the system without essentially losing all of it in the process. Some of us have been around for months and posted legit articles that took time to write, didn't get paid anything for it, and would like to transfer the measly sum we generated out into something that can buy us a coffee-- like one, coffee. But for 11 steem to get out of Dodge, we now realize we've generated zero bc we're not even over the 11 steem limit to buy bitcoin and send it to our bitcoin wallet.

and what's a Golos? Might want to always just put a reminder of what it is into these posts. just a suggestion.


You are asking an unrelated question to the post. By the way blocktrades is a business that is not directly related to Steem (although the owner of runs a witness node on the steem blockchain they also partner with other platforms such as

I guess that they charge the fee to cover the cost of the Bitcoin network and to make a little profit (have you seen the fees to make bitcoin transactions..they are insane).

Nice.. Keep going

I saw the message you wrote over on Golos yesterday and laughed. It was hilarious. I have posted a few things over there to see how it is going and yeah it seems like they should implement HF19.2 over there for sure. I would have thought they would have already done that.

Steemit just 'feels' better since the latest fork. Never done the Golos thing - and tbh, not even sure what it is about: I understand it is the eastern european verison of Steemit?

thanks for good post!

Very nice thanks for sharing, we need more stuff like that

GOLOS has only managed to get 80,000 accounts registered since they started

and 90% of them are dead accounts

I hope steem price also rise

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nice post

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