On Food Scarcity : A Blockchain Technology That Aims To Decentralize Food Production


Food is one thing that is constantly in demand worldwide. Just like and water it is one thing that Human beings need in other to survive

Since 2009 all researchers have shown that at the present population growth the worldwide population will hit 9 Billion by 2050. Africa population is projected to hit a soft cap of 2.5 Billion by 2050, that is the current population of India and China combined

There is a need to produce an 70% more food in other to cover the projected popualtion. 2050 is also so far in the future that it is even hard to relate to It

At the current rate things may even get out of hand before 2050.

Although there is a current scarcity of food in some areas worldwide, there is also a shocking amount of food wastage happening in some countries worldwide

This is happening across all walks of life, we see food waste all around us. In homes, schools and even Farms, some farmers abandon some food stuffs like potatoes because they are not in the right shapes for supermarkets

While some of these foods end up in Pig farms, many of the food being used to feed animals are infact fit for Human consumption.

The amount of food being trucked away by Grocery stores and super markets are still eye watering. This is a scandal and while we all may suggest donating these foods before they get spoilt, there are still ways to combat this and nip it in the bud

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Demter is a decentralized Blockchain platform that aims to offer an eco system for Farmers and consumers world wide

One of the greatest setbacks when it comes to food production worldwide is funding. A lot of farmers around the world have no access ot funds for seed and other purchases they need to run their farm

There are also places in the world that lack access to markets for some kind of food crops that they may need. With the Demeter platform you can fund a Micro Farm anywhere around the world and get your preferred food stuff delivered to you

The Demeter token (DMT) is an ERC20 token that is based on the successful Ehthereum Blockchain. The token will be used to facitlitate all transactions on the Demeter Blockchain

download (3).png

One of the advantages of this is the elimination of Middle Men. Farmers around the world suffers at the hands of Coporations who sometimes fix lower prices for food purchase. The ones who sell to the public still suffer at the hands of middlemen who most times end up making more profit than the Farmers themselves

I also believe that the cause of this low prices being paid to Farmers by Huge Supermarkets is hinged in the fact that a good amount of these foods end up in the refuse bin, so they will always want to buy foods as cheap as possible

Demeter helps eliminate the Middle Men and helps Farmers communicate directly with consumers. With Demeter a chef In America can order Tomatoes directly from a Farmer in Italy without the hassles of Middlemen

This enables the production of Helathier food as the consumers have the power to give the Farmers the specs they need and the Farmer will also be happy to oblige since his profit is assured

This system provides a unoque form of Grow Funding as consumers around the world will able to rent Micro fields where their food will be farmed. This will remove a lot of barriers when it comes to the food Industry

I believe that one of the reson most people don;t go Into Farming is as a result of the low income and the risks involved. Blockchain projects like Demeter is going a long way in alleviating a major Industry problem

The Demter Platform will also provide a Marketplace that will enable people around the world to purchase and sell goods and services related to the food Industry


The team behind Demeter have a roadmap to take this technology round the world , but they are doing it continent by continent starting with Asia

The Phase 2 will see them move to Europe followed by North America, Africa before going global . While it is not possible to totally eliminate food wastage I believe that this will go a long way in shaping a better future for food production and consumption

The Effects of Demeter will be felt across all sectors like the Health sector. The major causes of major health problems like Obesity is fueled by the fact that Junk foods are actually more affordable than healthy foods. Provision of cheaper and healthier food will go a long way in solving most health issues

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Image Source: Pexels and Demeter

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These middlemen in question might fight against this idea. But this is totally good stuff. Concerning food wastage I don't exactly think that problem can ever be stopped considering that Demeter would even make food consumption cheaper as well since the middlemen are eliminated. I think it's best to think of alternative application/use of excess food. Plus chemical preservation ruins the whole idea of enjoying the freshness experience. Thanks @ogochukwu for this knowledge, I feel smarter now 😁.


Thanks for reading @ifechi-works

Wow, Demeter solves a lot of problems. In order to work in Nigeria, I suggest a mass campaign especially in the rural areas where mostly subsistent farming is practiced.

In addition, the ideals of what a blockchain is should be made as simply as possible so that even illiterates can understand.

Illiterates have a lot to offer. Thanks for this information @ogochukwu


Yeah I am working on partnering with them by the time they get to Africa.


How will Demeter cover the delivery fee of these goods from one country to another and also take care of the staffs that will be responsible for these transactions. It all boils down to having Demeter as middle men. Yeah? In that case,it becomes a centralized system.


Demeter provides a platform and have no contact with either farmers or consumers.

It is like saying Bitcoin is decentralized because developers maintain the Blockchain.


Let's bring blockchain to the agricultural sector. That is an excellent thing to let happen. Many blockchain projects already covered other sphere of living leaving only agriculture empty.


Yes I had that at the back of my mind till I learnt about Demeter.


It should start with Nigeria when it gets to Africa

That Demeter is gonna revolutionize the food industry;thank you for sharing about it. I wish the project all the best and lots of success :)


It is a project that will show people the power of the Blockchain

Thanks for reading @practicaleric

Your post help my work @ogochukwu

wow, I hope with this statistics countries of the world will be able to sit and plan for the future,

Nice Post

Thank you sir for sharing.

Even the food is now decentralized (amazing)
I don't think there is nothing left again or would health also be decentralized (lols)

hmm i will definitely check this out, it looks really promising especially when it is based on eth blockchain but it gonna be way too difficult to accomplish their goals

( meanwhile the potato image is my profile pic :P it gave me an unexpected joy :P)

I will wait to see how the logistics of deliveries will be sorted. But I strongly believe it can be done. This is quite enlightening

The demter sounds a little like amazon except you're paying the producer directly. I may be wrong (what do I know?) .

Ps:there is a typo, second sentence, remove the **and **

The demter sounds a little like amazon except you're paying the producer directly. I may be wrong (what do I know?) .

Ps:there is a typo, second sentence, remove the **and **

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really a nice post man. So funny how in my country, we have food crises but scores very high in food and material wastage. in Nigeria, the word recycle does not even exist. thanks for sharing

interesting. It would be great to have agriculture on the blockchain.