We believe in this blockchain and only this blockchain. Vote for @blockbrothers.

in blockbrothers •  5 months ago

We as blockbrothers just don't understand why so many witnesses for Steem are euphoric about the mainnet of EOS coming online.

Of course, It's a great achievement and the network might go and do great things.

But shouldn't the loyalty of a witness lie with one blockchain?

Especially when these blockchains have a governance model.

How can a witness be fully committed to Steem if that same witness is also committed to Bitshares and EOS?

How does that even work?

It's like trying to eat three pussies at the same time. None of them will be satisfied.

10% of the reward pool goes to witnesses.

The top 20 witnesses get around a 100,000 STEEMPOWER each every year.

We are talking $170,000 here under current prices.

You can do so much with that income.

Like running a full node for the blockchain ($10k a year).

We know improvements are coming but they are not here yet.

What is all the powerdowned STEEM used for otherwise?

The blockbrothers witness has never powered down, neither did any of the members.

Everything we pay for comes from our own pocket.

All the servers, the development for Steemify, All of it.

We believe in this blockchain and only this blockchain.


We urge you to vote for loyal witnesses that care about this blockchain and this blockchain alone.

We care.

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers
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May I ask how many are involved in we @blockbrothers ?
And how to become we.

At first I didn't agree fully and was going to talk a little bit of smack about STEEM but then I read your quote.

"It's like trying to eat three pussies at the same time. None of them will be satisfied."

Hahhaha, you guys are starting to win me over.

Provide the list of double agents to the steem community to show your dedication and loyalty to steem.

It's like trying to eat three pussies at the same time. None of them will be satisfied.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha That alone gets my vote.

But seriously...It's something I'm battling with these days. Deciding who to vote for. I have votes for people that seem to talk about everything but STEEM.

I appreciate your dedication! That's what I wanna see in a witness here.


Thank you for your support!

And this is EXACTLY why I vote for you guys. I will be removing my vote for any witnesses I find spending their time elsewhere. I think the points you bring up are legit concerns that other Steemians should consider when putting their, often hard-earned, stake into supporting such developers.


Thank you so much! We are 100% dedicated to Steem.

Ok dear brothers I fully agree dont bet two horses, so I Will even resteem BUT...... the three pussy part ...... I dont know 😂😂😂

like eating three pussies


this statement deserves its own statue guys...Keep you enthusiasm, you have my support


Thank you, Karin.

Hi @blockbrothers. I have chosen you as a witness.


Thanks for the vote!


You are welcome.

@blockbrothers I have to admit this was the Quote of the Day........
"It's like trying to eat three pussies at the same time. None of them will be satisfied."

I love blockbrothers , very committed to steem,
Unlike other witnesses!
Keep up the hard work!

hey friend I have already given you a vote a few weeks ago what you say is sacrosanct but how do we know the witnesses of EOS?

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Hi @blockbrothers,

Strong and powerful comments bro!

With you! Proof of brain and community!

Could you please recommend any good articles on how to setup a full node?

Greetings from Mexico!


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sounds good to me, just voted for you as a witness

I'm very happy that @roelandp is a witness on Bitshares and probably Steem. His servers are fast and reliable. And I do not care if he does the same for EOS, too. If the job is done well - who cares?

If you offer a low quality service then yes, you should be replaced. Maybe it is good to keep some kind of quality score and inform communities about weak spots on a network. Define some guidelines that should be met for a witness. You should have some level of votes and level of service to be a witness.


Not completely sure why, out of the blue, I am being mentioned but.... since I am being mentioned here I feel the urge to reply randomly on a couple of things:

  1. I do run a node for EOS, but I do not have any illusions to make it anywhere near the top. Why I run a node? Why not? I am a fan of the Graphene & Chainbase software, I love the TPS and have learned the past 2-3 years to work with it and want to add my value.

I strongly like to support as mainy graphene & chainbased chains out there, this helps strenghten those networks and i like to bring my value to them too.

I do think interoperability and chains working alongside one other is useful. Also chains tend to be complimentary to each other. Steem, Bitshares and Eos are 3 completely different chains with completely different use cases as have been said elsewhere.

That said my heart beats most for Steem and Bitshares, but I am supporting other chains too. My dedication is to Graphene & chainbase. I care about that and keeping the networks strong.

Imho it's more like supporting an app for not only iOS, but also Android and Windows.


Sorry, to mention you in here. I am happy to have you as a witness on Bitshares and do not mind on having on Steem as well. Since there are none I could mention as an example, I mentioned you.


cool :) please don't excuse yourself! Was just curious :) Have a good weekend!

Much support here.

We all should connect with to make it more success