Switch frontends in Steemify when Steemit.com is down.

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With the recent DDoS attack on Steemit.com we got some questions from users how to access the notifications in the internal browser when Steemit.com is down.

That's very easy!

There is an option in Steemify to link the notifications to busy.org instead.

Here's how you find it:

Select Front-end in the settings menu.


Select your preferred front-end.


So even when Steemit.com is down you can have access to the notifications in the internal browsers by using Busy.org.

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It's in Android too?

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Thanks for sharing this option when steemit web is not working.

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Thanks for sharing this info blockbrothers. This is really handy to know 🙂

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Great info and I am just downloading steemify now to check it out

Thats highly appreciated

I tried it out a bit seems pretty handy so far

Glad you like it, a little bit less multitasking this way👍

Indeed anything that makes keeping up easier is a good thing

Now you Will certainly be number 1 in the EL today hahahaah

LOL No I think Janton is going to bac back in Number 1 this week he just took one week off, plus I think I was less active this week, I may be down the list a bit

I'd love to apply for the Android beta - I went to the link [email protected] as instructed above, but I don't see anything about applying for the data. Can you point me in the right direction - this sounds like an awesome tool!

it’s not a website address. It’s an e-mail address.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] to apply for the beta.

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