ALERT: Revoke your Steem Connect settings if you use Share2Steem.

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Share2Steem had an internal dispute and the main developer left with all the source code and database.

We strongly recommend you revoke your Steem Connect settings if you used Share2Steem as the Share2Steem group no longer has control over the original Share2Steem Steemconnect app.

Read more about it here

You can revoke setting by pressing this link:

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or use either of the below links to do so automatically using steemconnect.

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there seems to be an update for the other account too now.

see our reply to @chrisrice. We stand by our decission to inform you that it’s advisable to revoke your permissions for now.

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Very much agreed. Small oversight on our part and not intentionally neglected.

Thanks for the heads up, @blockbrothers team! You've been showing great leadership since HF20!

Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Thank you for this. I general I do think steemconnect needs to start improving their UX, all these hidden api calls is so bothersome. Why not just have the alerts in the interface, then is what you land on but that thing has no indication that it is now v2 and then you just end up googling it and with some luck you realise oh I need the v2 url with dashbaord and they go and confuse you even more by still doing things from which is of no use if I you try to go to a link via history or if your dumbass was hoping there is just a good ol fashioned login button. Sorry for the rant, these damn half assed js interfaces just piss me off. Heck I am not even capable of doing what they do. Anyhow. Revoked via the dash :)


'boys doing men's jobs' comes to mind...sadly becoming more and more my view, in these parts..

Oh, poo you 'old' cranky bloke...@lucylin, if a bloke you are that is...??? If not, than you're just a cranky old bitch...Probably proud of it as

I'm gender fluid!

Cool...dude...Whatever floats your boat I always say. (Well...mostly say, anyway)

lolo- I thought that would throw ya! lololol..

I'm a dude, dude - just messin' with ya! lol

I'm a dude, dude - just messin' with ya! lol

Well I kind of figured you were, so I thought I'd go along with it :>)


Yesterday, my tweets did not been rewarded as it hasn't been shown in the Steemd

Thanks for the timely warnings

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Thank You just did it

Thanks for the heads up. Mgood looking out!
Keep on postin

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Thank you very much @blockbrothers for sharing this!

You are welcome.

Thanks for sharing the information!

Offcourse its nesseccary !

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thank you @blockbrothers . well currently they are saying that they resolved all issues.. let's see what will happen next.

Thank you. It seemed bit shady from start.

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Hi @blockbrothers, please let me know the current update! I didn't knew this and already use there bot about an hour ago!!

Thanks a lot - especially adding the direct link was perfect.
While reading I was already in a panic a bit: how do I revoke the setting again? Didn't do it for a while ...

But you delivered the solution directly :)

Good work again!

Steem on!

Thank you and we Will Steem on.


Thank you for your support!

Thanks for the heads up. Revoked via link and delegation removed.

and in more good news.....

Steem is up by $0.015 🎉

oh hell yeah, lemme get Jeeves to apply Mink oil to the leather interior of my Pink Lambo ;)