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Wxrally is a blockchain factory as well as blockchain technology alliance. The pre-Wxrally projects are divided into two categories and three projects in total,including autonomous exchange, bitcoin futures and digital currency market.  

Firstly, Wxrally is an global online mall that supports digital currency and our goal is to support access to all of the valuable blockchain projects throughout the world and the consumption under a variety of secure cryptocurrency in this mall. Our mission is to simplify and unify everything. We will also hire the most authoritative politician in the world to do promotion for us certainly. Our ultimate target is to integrate abundant global merchants into the Wxrally mall eventually and digitalize the global independent blockchain projects. We will own a huge cryptocurrency settlement share and strong revenue expectations, and now all this has just begun. The variation of Amazon is our future. I hope we can make joint efforts at the starting line and grow in the blockchain! 

Secondly, reate community-autonomous exchange. The greed, artificial obstacles, unreasonable arrogance and a lot of false propaganda of many exchanges have caused people’s fear on them, which also convert the serious investment into prison-like and nightmare experience. As a result, these situations have seriously violated the property ownership of customers and against the decentralized and free will of Satoshi Nakamoto.And now, what we are going to do is to improve these drawbacks and protect all the weak investors in order to make them feel at ease.  

The Commitment of Wxrally

·With WXR, could permanently enjoy 10% discount in the mall

·With WXR, could permanently own 59% of the handling fee

·With WXR, could permanently enjoy 59% of Wxrally profit dividends

·With WXR, could permanently enjoy 59% of WXR IPO

·WXRcoin is the only digital token of Wxrally and will never have secondary public offering and should have real-time repo. For the loyal and active user of our community, we will provide plenty of interesting interaction activities that include material and non-material reward. These rewards are so practical and useful that every investor cannot reject.  

Why we are not making 100% promise? That’s because we have comprehensively considered the practical operation, sustainable development, multilateral win-win principles and also Wxrally investors’ priority and Wxrally’s priority. Therefore, this dividend is benign.  

Besides, the basic technology of Wxrally has been successfully tested in other projects. At present, WXR developers have created and tested most of the services. With the development of Wxrally ICO, our team will hire more high qualified administrators and blockchain engineers and all the services are available to be used later.  

The sales plan of WXR tokens will start very soon. The ICO lasts for 2 months. The token sales starts from 1 August,2018.The ICO can be divided into two stages. The first stage is from 1 August to 10 August which has the most favorable price. The second stage is from 11 August to 25 September and there is no discount at this stage.
Log in to the official website: to know more. The website has provided WXR Gold Book and listed the advantages of its system. You can also get familiar with the project team here. 

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