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How do you solve the major issue of ridiculous executive compensation? Autonomous companies, brought to you by the block chain. In my opinion they would perform better. Most executives are afraid to take risks for fear of getting tossed off the cushy throne they are sitting on. They rely on "safe group think" that promotes mediocrity.

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so that are the companies of the furute hu?

Nice information @davidp sir, 100% agree with your opinion.

That's pretty impressive and cool at the same moment No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain

Yup! DAO's are definitely more efficient and accountable.

However, I'm bearish on blockchains like NEO that pay dividends to stakeholders who aren't even running the network. That strategy seems to just add network costs without adding value. Am I missing something?

It's a really interesting direction for companies. But the hurdle for me is how to overcome the lack of expertise in the token holders. Sure, if it's in the crypto space, then token holders may know the business concepts well. But outside of this, how will they know which projects are worthwhile and which are just smoke and mirrors?

Autonomy is where we are heading towards to make our lives more simpler and easier.
The blockchain is the answer to make this happen.
We only have to spread the word and wait for an influential person to start using it

Sooner or later automation is bound to take over. It could finally break us loose from the labouring life we currently live as a human race...