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How to look fancy, classy and chic, but still feel comfortable? In such case it’s worth to choose white color, which might be associated with a modesty, but in addition it adds some elegance and gives an exquisite effect.


Our next model Dorota suffers from a vision disability. In our outfit proposal we suggested her light, adjusted jeans pants with legs rolled up and white t-shirt with upfront, colorful print plus the white suit jacket as the outwear. The outfit has been completed with black high heels sandals and handbag with a long, golden chain. The modern, vibrant print makes an interesting contrast with white outwear.


White suit jacket gives a lot of styling opportunities and it can be worn together with colorful accessories with prints. The casual cut of suit jacket underlines feminine body shape and individuality of our model. Such set of clothes can be completed with elegant heels, light sandals, brogues or even sport shoes. White suit jackets are very universal and can be dressed both for business meetings and meetings with friends. They can be worn together with skirt or with pants. It’s a good option during warm, summer days as an alternative for sweater or blazer, but it can also add some light tones to our outfits during autumn and winter time. Suit jackets always give an opportunity to create an interesting outfit, regardless of taste and body shape.

Styling Sylwia Buda


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Nice one @monomoda

it looks innocent if someone wear something white.