Count My Blessing 12022020

in #blessing2 years ago

  1. Complete 6 hours sleep
  2. Free breakfast and lunch
  3. Smooth presentation despite some improvement for our slide needed
  4. Listed strategy for my upcoming new position
  5. Blissful Japanese Cuisine Dinner
  6. Attended meaningful devotion sharing session
  7. Able to see, share and talk to my beloved best friend

Words of the day:

If you do not do your devotion, the world will give its devotion to you

Someone told me to count our blessings so that we do not focus on what we don't have but on what we already have. We will appreciate ourselves more. We will also be too busy to give thanks instead of fussing complaints.

Have you count your blessing today? If not, try to challenge yourselves and count your blessings today.

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