Learning Blender. . . Ways to go before designing my house :D

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Hardest program ever! Literally fights ya every step of the way. I am determined to learn blender to aid me in my renovations as I am going back to college to learn carpentry. I think Blender would be an incredible asset to have on my resume.

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I was looking into blender ,trying to delve into 3d art . The things it can do is amazing. You should check maya as well but i believe you have to pay for it . Maya can be free if you register as a student :) good luck ill definitelly check up on your blender posts :D

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Oh Blender, long time ago. Was realy hard to make anything usefull with this programm. But i love the turtorials on youtube what i have made, a castel, a swimming pool, a flipping ball. And i made a 5 Sek. intro for my transib video, was the best what i have done with this software. Blender is a really great and powerfull piece of software.

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Actually, every 3D software is hard on start. I am amazed how fast time is running when you just play around with blender. Good Łuck and don't give up!

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