Practicing 3d Modeling of characters

in blender •  6 months ago

Hello people, today I bring you 3 fanarts that I made in 3D with blender during these 2 weeks I think, each one with different types of materials and textures (and different times of elaboration), pbr (or something like that), material with base texture plus environmental occlusion , and shadeless material with base texture.

Besides that I need to practice the topology of the body, since I'm a little disgusting in that.

Gally (GUNNM)

Gally (or Alita also) Protagonist of the manga GUNNM (or Battle Angel Alita), manga (of Yukito Kishiro) that I am reading at the moment.

This was the most complicated, not because of the modeling itself, but the texturing, 2 textures bases (hair and body), more normal map, specular and occlusion, a great annoyance.

Almost 3 days of work.

The killer (Kami no Kodomo)

Kami no Kodomo of Kyōdai Nishioka... The killer since I do not know the name of the protagonist, I think they never mention it in the story.

With 18,896 Tris, it is the densest model that I have made, and that is only head, shoulders and hand, and really just me all 1 day, enjoy enough making a topology of the face so clean, the cleanest I have done, 2 textures, eyes and hair, skin and clothes are materials with black and white base color.

Fran Madaraki (Franken Fran)

The surgeon Fran Madaraki, of the Manga "Franken Fran" ok Katsuhisa Kigitsu. The only manga I have in physics, it's great XD

This time practicing with a more anime texturing, using pure shadeless materials, 2 textures, the hair and the body. This was the fastest, 5 hours of work more or less. I think I will continue with this style of texturing.

Thanks for the attention n_n and more in my DeviantArt

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