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in #blah4 years ago

Just like how #EOSio year 1 was a year of developing the ground layer protocols which are still rapidly evolving, Year 1 of #EOS has been building my base layer understanding of #blockchain and #DPoS permissioned on-chain #governance. Year 2 I am going to be be a force to be reckoned with... by which I mean in a couple week I am going to be banging my head through my computer crying over how much I hate coding 👏 but 👏 let's 👏 do 👏 this!

Lesson 1 has been an energizing refresher of coding logic. Such a beautiful structured logic. Beautifully painful when you can't debug why your projects won't run, but this is gonna be fun right? How many times have I given CS a shot? nth time is the charm!

So, uh, yeah. Wish me luck!

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