The ADL, SPLC & the Scourge of Jewish Supremacism

in #blackstone2 years ago

All forms of racism and supremacism are repugnant. None of it should be tolerated. Yet, it seems to many that one form of racist ideology is to be protected and defended: Jewish White Supremacism (JWS). While only a portion of Jewish people are guilty of JWS, the part that are culpable are very powerful and are well-placed in seats of authority inside governments and corporations. This video discusses the issue in a non-inflammatory, fact-based approach.

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Jake your one of my very favorite alt reporters❗️Your always right on target , but I wish you would post more here on STEEMIT . I don’t go to YouTube very much , and I try to watch everything here on a free speach platform . I would think you would want to build up such a platform since you won’t be censored . Please🙏 post all your stuff here PLEASE . ♥️✌️👊🏻

Hi Jake - glad to see you here - I like being able to support you with upvotes and comments - I've watched on youtube for quite a while. You're doing great work. Momz

Hey Jake, please upload your videos here before you post to youtube because I am boycotting them. I will continue to support your work anywhere but there. Thank you.

Jake, I want to ABANDON YOUTUBE . Can you help?
I have subscribed here on Steemit but no recent uploads and same on DLIve


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