Whats is Black Stallion


Whats is Black Stallion

MBG Game

The MBG universe is filled with various Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and Aircrafts, as well as additional weapons such as drones. Each AFV or aircraft includes unique NFTs, such as pieces on tanks' turrets, auxiliary and assistant weaponry mounted on top of the vehicles, and a variety of other devices used for protection.

MBG Marketplace

Rephrase BS tokens represent a special type of MBG Marketplace token that can be used to interact and transact within the Black Stallion Gaming Marketplace.

Staking System

Black Stallion and BS Token will provide users with the ability to stake their BS Token and several other cryptocurrencies, by developing a third-generation Blockchain staking pool. This system will allow participants to securely store their coins while also granting them the benefits of participating in various pools.


Rephrase Black Stallion has created its own exclusive company wallet that allows users to store their BS tokens securely and easily. They will also be able to use the Black Stallion ecosystem to interact and transact quickly, with minimal transaction fees.



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