Black Panther Beer In Cambodia: National Beer of the Wakanda

in blackpanther •  2 years ago 

Since it's about all I can talk about since seeing it the other day, everybody knows I got Black Panther on the brain. Like... I may have screamed out "T'challa!" during love making this weekend. 

Regardless, one of my favorite elements of the Cambodia experience is the fact that you can get Wakanda's favorite international beer at almost any spot you go to. Just walk into an establishment, point and say. "Kyom chong BLACK PANTHER" and you'll be sipping that vibranium flavored beverage in no time. 

Admittedly, Cambodia hasn't always been the easiest place to be a Black person, but damned if seeing a beer named after your favorite Black superhero isn't enough to make a brotha feel welcome. So thank you Cambodia! And thank you, Black Panther! I may not like beer, but I'll always pop open a top and pour some out for my people of Wakanda. 

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