BlackMoonCrypto Is now on Exchanges

in blackmoon •  2 years ago

BMC tokens are now listed three exchanges:



Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.37.20 PM.png

  • Last I seen they were trading slightly below the ICO value of 1 USD so this would be a good time to buy IMO. The representatives have told me that it will be listed on all major exchanges and will be on coin market cap fairly soon. I predict this coin to moon, cause it's limited circulating supply of 30 million, and the tokens will quickly garner a lot of value.

  • I would hodl on these tokens as the first major investment fund will be established later this year then a few months later the company will apply for a US license for investment funding. The price will only go up from here, so you heard it from me here first, this token will be highly successful. HODL.

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