My ratings for Black Mirror Season 4

in blackmirror •  11 months ago

Here's how I rate all six episodes of Black Mirror Season 4. I chose to "grade" them as opposed to giving a star rating.

USS Callister: D-
Arkangle: B-
Crocodile: F
Hang the DJ: A
Metalhead: A+
Black Museum: C-

Check back in for full reviews.

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You are the first person I have heard rate Metal Head as the best. I thought all episodes were good... except for Metal Head, lol.
P.S: Hang The DJ - A++


Metal Head has a subtle brilliance that's easily overlooked. As I'll explain in my review there is an elegant simplicity to it which makes it so satisfying for me.

Hang the DJ is definitely relatable for anyone who's tried online dating, or dating in general.


Sorry @mermaidboss I think I agree with @g-com on the Metal Head episode... Hang the DJ was def interesting and probably my second favorite

Giving out free votes to the little guys, I hope you appreciate.


Dude you are also the little guy.. As am I and most of Steemit

I can agree with most of the grading of the episodes for the most part.. Looking forward to read the full reviews!!

PS - Don't forget to add an image/images to your posts and use the markdown styling -


Thanks. What's markdown styling?


It's the quasi html format used on Steemit to tweak out your posts with h1, h2, h3, headings, bold, italics, quotations, inserting images etc.

Always good to have a heading inside your post to make it standout and also the other tools.. very easy to use. im sure there are plenty of posts about using the markdown styling tool. if ya need help with it let me know.. The price of STEEM and SBD - thru the roof!! Lets hope it stands.. :) my wallet went from $800 to $2300 in a little over a week